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Height : 5'7"

weight : 155

Hair Color : Brown

Eye Color : Brown

zodiac : Cancer

date of birth : 1976-07-02

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Favorite Body Part : Foreskin

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Born and raised in Astoria Queens, New York, Tommy Pistol currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

Growing up, Pistol was sexually prude, "I masturbated a lot."

Pistol shot his first sex scene on a roof top in Brooklyn. Among his most outrageous sexual encounters were shooting in Berlin with, and shooting for Public Disgrace in San Franscisco.

Pistol worked as a handy man before his porn career. He was lead singer in a NYHC band for 5 years, and he did sketch comedy. "My friend knew Joanna Angel and got me an interview with her for her first sex scene."

His biggest fear is deep water. If trapped on a deserted island with only 3 items, Pistol would want "a knife, to cut wood and kill. A compass, because I'd really like to not get lost more than I am. A good walking stick, for hiking and fishing."

His three favorite books of all time are Stephen King's The Cell, Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas by Hunter S. Thompson, and a crime thriller called Blindsided by Jay Giles. His favorite movie is Evil Dead 2, "Best mix of campy horror and comedy." Pistol is a fan of horror movies, "like comedies, they need to make me feel something."

His favorite position is spoon and cowgirl. Pistol is never recognized in public. When he's not filming on set, his main preoccupation is family.

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Date added: 09/28/2016 Rating:
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Description : Kristen Scott and stepfather Tommy Pistol have been sharing an idyllic love since beginning their sordid affair behind her mother's back. Now they're planning on running away together. But first, Tommy wants her to understand life won't always be picnics and strawberries. Tonight he reveals his darker, more dominant side, betraying selfish motives. Just like she's used to getting what she wants, at the mall from his bank account, he wants to fuck all of her holes with his cock, whenever he wants. But the naive girl loves being made to feel like a whore. Hands around her neck, fingers deep in her pussy, he squeezes her clit, and fucks her hard, showing her more of the real Tommy, and making her ask permission to cum. But when she forgets to ask in time, Daddy has to discipline her disobedience, smacking her face, and spitting on her pussy while she bounces on his cock, cumming uncontrollably as he pummels her teen pussy so tightly packed with cock, jerking his jizz onto her forehead. Because he cares.
Date added: 09/11/2016 Rating:
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Comments: 7
Description : Tonight's the night Kristen Scott has to decide where to go to university. Home or out of state? Trouble is, she's a Daddy's Girl who loves her stepfather Tommy Pistol. She's having a hard time rationalizing leaving the guy who's always been there for her. He taught her how to drive, and helped her with homework. But now that she's a woman, she sees that he looks at her differently. And she has persistent sexual thoughts about him. She masturbates to the thought of them being together, but that only seems to make her fall harder in love.

When she finally makes up her mind about school, she hops onto his lap and excitedly tells him she chooses to be with him. He begins to understand that the teen is deliberately grinding her crotch into his pelvis, and it's making his cock respond with an erection.

Tommy is very aware of her open mouth, close enough to kiss, and the hot breath tickling his neck. He has trouble resisting her, but when she whips out his cock and starts sucking, she makes it impossible for him to do the right thing. He fingers her dripping vagina, as she strokes his big cock, telling him she's been thinking about fucking him for months. He eats her pussy till she cums in Daddy's mouth. Now she wants to cum on Daddy's dick, so she lowers herself onto it, and Tommy obligingly fucks the teen pussy, pounding her like a bobblehead doll, until she cums again. Then he penetrates her pussy from behind, releasing more of her orgasms, fucking her harder and faster, till he jerks his load right into her mouth. Lucky for him, she won't tell Mommy!
Date added: 09/04/2016 Rating:
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Comments: 5
Description : When Brazilian newcummer Abby Lee Brazil arrives in America, her host parents Briana Banks and Tommy Pistol turn out to be very warm and friendly people. They are thrilled to have her in their home and family, and they're eager to teach her some American traditions to help them get acquainted the American way. Like the one where the female houseguest bares her breasts, and removes her pants. Not one to be rude, Abby Lee is quick to adapt to these strange new customs. But when they introduce the third tradition, removing her panties, she's not expecting Briana to eat her pussy as a patriotic duty. Meanwhile Tommy lets her suck the pre-cum off his cock. He inserts his dick into her juicy vagina, and fucks her pussy in front of his horny wife. The perverted parents keep fucking the Brazilian's pussy in every which way, till she begs for an orgasm. Then the girls take turns fucking and creaming on Tommy's dick till he loses his load cumming hard in their mouths!

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Comments: 0 Date added: 09/28/2016
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Comments: 0 Date added: 09/11/2016
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Comments: 0 Date added: 09/04/2016

This guy is hilarious! One of the best!
2020-12-07 16:29
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tommy is the best in the business.
2020-05-26 11:33
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His work is truly appreciated—claps! Tommy has great acting skills which truly sets his scenes apart from others. Came for the performance, came because the performance.
2020-05-17 08:03
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Obsessed with TP. Makes me cum every time (F)
2020-05-02 02:30
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T.P. Is a PSYCO, and those are his Good Points!
2019-06-22 01:18
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The Hanibal Lecter of Puretaboo; see The Rental. Try's to eat the girl's Liver via the pussy and anus.
2018-02-21 11:49
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