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Height : 5'9"

weight : 150

Hair Color : Dark brown

zodiac : Cancer

hobbies : Fucking

date of birth : 1666-06-25

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Favorite Body Part : The mind

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Small Hands was born in San Diego, California and is a Cancer. He describes growing up in the punk scene in Southern California as a pretty awesome time. He came from a religious background but was not promiscuous as a teen. Describing his three wildest non-sexual encounters, he mentions an alleged high-speed chase from police. Amazingly, he made it out alive. Prior to joining the adult industry, he played in bands, thinking he would have a career in music. He once played to 10,000 people in an arena and hearing the applause was amazing. He got his start in the business when he started dating Joanna Angel. One day, Joanna got a call from her editor that a scene that was supposed to go online that day was corrupt. Joanna had no choice but to shoot a new scene from scratch. She informed him that they were going to film a scene that night. Small Hands never anticipated being a porn star; he got propelled into the business from this incident. His favorite movie is "This Is Spinal Tap" as it hits the closest home to his true-life experiences. He is a fan of the horror/thriller genre because he likes "evil dark shit!" When he's not filming on set, he enjoys editing, music and graphic design. He describes shooting a scene for PureTaboo as an amazing experience. Every time he shoots a scene, the sex is intense, the acting is held to a high standard, the storylines are twisted and the characters are flawed. It's a fun day on set creating something dark and sexy! Regarding how he thinks Pure Taboo will affect society, he prefers to leave that for society to decide. When asked if he's ever been caught doing something taboo, he jokingly said that he hasn't been caught yet.

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Date added: 01/27/2017 Rating:
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Comments: 6
Description : Teen Gina Valentina has trouble focusing on her school work and brews a cup of coffee to cancel out her sluggishness. But that only fuels her for a couple of hours and she rests under her laptop. Her step brother Robby Echo and his buddy Codey Steele walk by her bedroom and rouse her for the hell of it. A bunch more buddies are coming over to watch the game. Maybe she wants to make herself scarce. Gina has to stay home to finish her work. The boys head downstairs so as not to disturb her. Gina tries to get back to the books and decides a cool shower will help her concentrate. She suds up her perfect teen body, and already feels perked up as she towels off. But when she gets back to her bed she realizes she's still low energy. The shower didn't work and neither did the coffee. She finds a commercial online selling the energy benefits of Limitless Head protein powder. She order 2 bottles. When her package arrives an hour later, promising a limitless appetite for spunk, she mixes up a shake and gulps it down. Something strange comes over Gina, she has so much energy, and she has an intense craving for cock. She walks into the den where Robby Echo and Codey Steele are watching the game. She stuns her step brother Robby when she pounces on his lap and begs him to let her suck his dick. Robbie fully submits when Codey asks for in on the action. Gina Valentina guzzles both their dicks and Robbie quickly gets over judging his little step sister. The threesome welcomes the rest of the gang when they walk in on the scene. Everyone is down to get their dicks sucked. Cyrus King and Small Hands insert their cocks in her mouth lickity split. Jake Jace and Ryan McLane get up from the sofa to complete a circle around her insatiable mouth. The guys strip the teen naked and pump up their erections, which she slurps on good and hard. Gina keeps stroking and sucking while the guys take turns diddling her hairy pussy. They form a line on the sofa and Gina passes her mouth from one to the next, crawling and bobbing for cock. Jake Jace hoists her onto the sofa and flips her upside down so her head hangs off the seat. He kneels on the cushion and pumps his hips fucking her face while enjoying an eyeful of pussy. She sucks off Codey and Cyrus while rubbing her pussy till she cums. She keeps giving them limitless head till they blow their huge loads one at a time in her mouth. She begs the late cummers for more spunk and gets two more cum shots in the face. Too bad studying doesn't cum this easy!
Date added: 09/09/2016 Rating:
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Comments: 3
Description : Coming off a crazy night of debauchery, the DP Brothers Small Hands and Xander Corvus are not happy their rich dad James Bartholet is ragging on them for maxing out their credit cards. He wants them to get a job, but all they do is party, and grieve the loss of their mother. Dad is kicking them out of house, unless they can pay rent, but it's okay for his replacement wife Lea Lexis to spend all his money, dishonoring their beloved late mother. Feeling pretty entitled to expend some revenge, the DP Brothers feed the mail order bride a story. Here in America, it is customary to mark an occasion of marriage, by fucking with the sons of her husband. 'In America,' they caution their stepmother, 'family traditions aren't taken lightly.' In that case, she completely understands, even if this particular custom does sound a little strange. If there's one thing Lea believes in, it's the importance of family. She concedes, it would be wrong if she doesn't do her part to bring the family closer together. Inside the shrine of their dead mother, beside the urn that is her final resting place, the DP Brother's whip out their stiff dicks, and Lea begins to stroke them both at the same time. She takes them in her mouth, one cock at a time. Then the boys fuck her in the pussy, one cock at a time. She's excited to try anal sex, because her boys say, it's as American as it gets! Babbling between orgasms in her native Romanian, it's clear this stepmom loves taking two cocks at the same time. It makes her cum hard when her boys are happy. As Small and Xander switch up their dicks, double penetrating her wet pussy and tight asshole, they fuck her hard till they cum on her face. Then they say 'CHEESE!' and smile for the camera. A 'fuck you' photo memento is left someplace conspicuous for Dad. Now, if only those boys could apply themselves like that to getting a job!

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Comments: 0 Date added: 01/27/2017
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Comments: 0 Date added: 09/09/2016

More small hands please. He's so sexy.
2021-05-26 22:57
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I guess I'm really into "animalistic rutting"... but for real, Small Hands is incredibly enjoyable to watch. The tattoos reeled me in but the growls and grunts made me stay. <3
2020-12-29 19:42
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This Dude knows how to treat a pussy. Where’d they find this Dude. One of the best. Plays off well & teams up with the other Dude to choke out some tight pussy. Great stuff & keep it up.
2020-08-14 00:38
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My favorite <3
2020-02-10 16:35
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It is so hard not to have a crush on Small Hands.
2019-11-15 19:50
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If you do not want sex, but animalistic rutting; he's your man.
2018-09-06 06:42
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More Small Hands pleeeeease!
2018-04-02 09:05
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