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Height : 6'1"

weight : 165

Hair Color : Blonde

Eye Color : Blue

zodiac : Libra

date of birth : 1982-09-24

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Ryan Mclane's Biography :

Ryan McLane was born on September 24, 1982 in Indiana. Measuring 6'1 in height, McLane turned down offers to play basketball for Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana due to the high cost of tuition. He moved to LA after taking a trip there with his family and started playing volleyball instead. In 2009 at age 27, McLane got started in the business. He is best known for his highly defined abdominal muscles.

McLane lost his virginity in a brothel. "I don't recommend it."

Among his wildest sexual encounters, McLane once had to perform in a bukkake when he was brand new to the business, "Fifty of us dudes were just sitting there jerking off in this hot loft in Hollywood taking turns to cum on the female talent's face. You didn't want to be last!"

Recounting his wildest non-sexual encounter, McLane describes having once loved a girl, "Like genuinely would've done anything in the entire world to make her happy. We're talking innocent, real, truly emotional type love. That was a long time ago. But the person I am today looks back on it as the wildest thing of my life. To feel that strongly about someone."

His biggest fear is, "that I will live to be very old."

If trapped on a deserted island, McLane would want a boat, "But honestly, if I had medical supplies, a rotation of beautiful women, and some food, there's nothing else I'd want. This actually sounds ideal!"

McLane's favorite reads include The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand, "I'm an objectivist, and this is my favorite of her works," The Name of The Wind by Patrick Rothfuss, and The Sword of Truth by Terry Goodkind.

His favorite movie is La La Land, "It used to be Jerry Maguire, but after this year there is a new king. I just relate very closely with it. I've lived my whole adult life in LA. The music. The acting. It's just all perfect."

His top three preoccupations in life are talking to family, designing, and working out.

McLane's parents are happily married and are in the know about his porn career, "They support me in whatever I do."

McLane has never been arrested.

As for getting caught doing something taboo, "I tweeted once that I think Vin Scully is overrated. That's pretty taboo in this city."

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Date added: 04/14/2017 Rating:
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Description : Simone Garza never expected that going to a barbeque would change her life forever. She used to date Ryan McLane in high school. Seeing him again sparked a passion neither had felt in years. Their romance moved quickly after that. They got married and bought a house together. Life was perfect. Until Simone's teenage daughter Lola (Lily Adams) came home from boarding school. Lola developed a ruthless infatuation for her new stepfather. And Simone watched helplessly as Ryan ate out of her hand.
Date added: 01/27/2017 Rating:
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Comments: 6
Description : Teen Gina Valentina has trouble focusing on her school work and brews a cup of coffee to cancel out her sluggishness. But that only fuels her for a couple of hours and she rests under her laptop. Her step brother Robby Echo and his buddy Codey Steele walk by her bedroom and rouse her for the hell of it. A bunch more buddies are coming over to watch the game. Maybe she wants to make herself scarce. Gina has to stay home to finish her work. The boys head downstairs so as not to disturb her. Gina tries to get back to the books and decides a cool shower will help her concentrate. She suds up her perfect teen body, and already feels perked up as she towels off. But when she gets back to her bed she realizes she's still low energy. The shower didn't work and neither did the coffee. She finds a commercial online selling the energy benefits of Limitless Head protein powder. She order 2 bottles. When her package arrives an hour later, promising a limitless appetite for spunk, she mixes up a shake and gulps it down. Something strange comes over Gina, she has so much energy, and she has an intense craving for cock. She walks into the den where Robby Echo and Codey Steele are watching the game. She stuns her step brother Robby when she pounces on his lap and begs him to let her suck his dick. Robbie fully submits when Codey asks for in on the action. Gina Valentina guzzles both their dicks and Robbie quickly gets over judging his little step sister. The threesome welcomes the rest of the gang when they walk in on the scene. Everyone is down to get their dicks sucked. Cyrus King and Small Hands insert their cocks in her mouth lickity split. Jake Jace and Ryan McLane get up from the sofa to complete a circle around her insatiable mouth. The guys strip the teen naked and pump up their erections, which she slurps on good and hard. Gina keeps stroking and sucking while the guys take turns diddling her hairy pussy. They form a line on the sofa and Gina passes her mouth from one to the next, crawling and bobbing for cock. Jake Jace hoists her onto the sofa and flips her upside down so her head hangs off the seat. He kneels on the cushion and pumps his hips fucking her face while enjoying an eyeful of pussy. She sucks off Codey and Cyrus while rubbing her pussy till she cums. She keeps giving them limitless head till they blow their huge loads one at a time in her mouth. She begs the late cummers for more spunk and gets two more cum shots in the face. Too bad studying doesn't cum this easy!
Date added: 11/30/2016 Rating:
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Comments: 1
Description : Devoted husband Ryan McLane wonders what's up with his wife Gabi Paltrova. She seems quieter than usual, and refuses to eat her tacos at dinner. Assuming she's dieting to try to lose weight, he decides to prove that he loves her body just the way it is.

He brings her to bedroom to have sex, but their bed is soaking wet. And he can't understand why, until Gabi asks him to make her cum, so she can show him a new trick she's been practicing with her pussy. Lying in bed, she lifts her dress and places his fingers ever so slightly inside her pussy. After a minute of massage, a stream of liquid squirts from her pussy. He watches in amazement, while she juices and cums, begging him to rub her clit. Her pussy gushes like a faucet onto the bed, filling Ryan with pride for his wife's squirting pussy. She rewards him with a blowjob, before letting him fuck her and squirting on his cock. Whatever's gotten into her, Ryan loves the new Gabi, and leaves a cum deposit on her face.
Date added: 08/24/2016 Rating:
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Comments: 0
Date added: 08/21/2016 Rating:
Like 202
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Comments: 2
Description : Cadence Lux is a devout Jehovah's Witness, but it will take a miracle to save anyone's soul today. Her tingling vagina is distracting her from proselytizing, but luckily she knocks on Dr. Ryan McLane's door, who happens to be a gynecologist. When the concerned doctor offers to examine her vagina, she figures it must be God's will. He diagnoses her condition as stemming from pent up energy in her vagina creating a disturbance, and prescribes a treatment of stimulation to orgasm through vaginal intercourse. But that's a transfusion, it's against her religion. Should she commit sin and let him flood her vagina with ejaculate? Cadence puts aside her piety and takes his cock deep inside her virgin pussy. The doctor is so ecstatic with the results, he can barely pull his cock out in time, squirting the rapture all over her vagina. Looks like she'll be ready for The Second Cumming soon.
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Comments: 0 Date added: 04/14/2017
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