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Height : 6'1"

weight : 200

Hair Color : Brown

zodiac : Leo

hobbies : Cycling, Hiking, Camping, Cooking, Swimming, SCUBA

date of birth : 1982-08-17

best known for : Being debonair

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Favorite Body Part : Legs

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Ryan Driller's Biography :

Ryan Driller was born and raised in Littleton, Colorado. Driller also lived in Key West, Florida for seven years.

Growing up in a conservative household and town tempered Driller's promiscuity to a degree. He broke up with a devout Christian girlfriend in High School, "because things were getting too physical. She was seeking attention because her parents were divorcing. After that, I started playing the field."

Driller was 12 years old when his parents divorced. "They didn't get along and needed to split. They picked on each other, pushed each other's buttons and fought all the time. Given their upbringings, I'm sure they never cheated. After they split, both parents attended our school events, soccer games, gymnastics and swim meets. We had two houses that were much happier than before. Neither of them talked shit about the other."

Driller' parents know about this career, "My mom is ok with it, but my dad is not. He grew up in a very Catholic household. They both wish I was a real Hollywood actor so they could share openly with their friends and extended family. My mom asked to come to AVN one year but I shot that down. They know I don't make poor choices, so going into porn made them question their own beliefs surrounding the industry."

Driller lost his virginity "At my girlfriend's house (I had 3 at the time) after a swim team banquet, we were doing the usual make-out thing, but just kept going, until I was in her, while still in my tuxedo, with Power Puff Girls on the TV in the background."

Driller recounts the wildest sexual encounters he's subsequently experienced. "At a Foam Party, after spending the summer on a remote island. My friend grabbed a girl's ass then took off. When she whipped around ready to kick his ass, I apologized and told her she was hot. Ten minutes later, leaning up against the DJ booth on the dance floor, I was fucking her in the crowd."

"After a night at the Flying Monkey bar in Key West partying with about 50 friends, I went home with a girl and her group. I didn't realize until later was a bachelorette party. We all had fun partying, and I became their private entertainment."

"I was working as the Promotions Coordinator for a radio station. After working a grueling day at an Art Festival in the 100-degree heat, I met up with friends at the bar, abstaining because of heat exhaustion and dehydration. I was set up with a girl who was another buddy's ex. Totally sober, we were dancing, and getting closer. The chemistry between us was so intense that my buddy said he would have to join us. He was worried it would be weird, but I assured him that threesomes trump any bro-code. The three of us continued to dance. The bartenders were getting agitated because the bar was empty and everyone was dancing and grinding on each other. At 2 AM closing time, security locked the doors and let the orgy happen.

Driller recounts his wildest non-sexual encounters, "When I was 9 years old, all of us kids in the neighborhood were playing in the snow after a blizzard. The snow-pack in the middle of the street was perfect for sledding. I was cruising down the middle of the street. My block was shaped like a horseshoe. As I sled around the 2nd bend, a UPS truck was coming straight at me. I went right underneath, down the middle of the truck, totally unscathed."

"Coming off a snorkel boat in 2001, I was wading through water to the shore with 53 other people, when a 2-foot Tarpon fish jumped out of the water, a few feet in the air, and a 12-foot Hammer Head Shark burst through the water behind him, caught the Tarpon. We were 25 yards from the docks at that point, and we ran like hell.

"Also in 2001, while MTV was shooting Summer in the Keys, I may have unknowingly skinny dipped with Shakira before she exploded in the US."

Driller got his start in the business after a painful breakup, "A few of my conquests told me I should be doing that on film. I took it as a sign. I buckled down and applied to Craigslist ads and websites I frequented, and eventually made my way to LA. My first scene was an American Bukkake shoot with Jim Powers and PornoDan. They brought me back for Fuck a Fan and then introduced me to other producers and companies. Working on one of these sets (Freaks of Porn, my scene partner had a Vagina Mouth), I met Axel Braun's Production Manager, and she got me my shot at Superman, and sent me out for the Playboy owned ClubJenna sites."

If he were stuck on a deserted island, Driller would want a woman, a bottle that never goes dry, and a SiriusXM radio that can never die. "But for survival, I would only need my pocket tool. With it, I can fashion a dew and fresh water collection system using leaves and bushes. I can cut debris and rope/line that has floated up on shore, or strip lengths of branches and leaves to create a make-shift rope, to help lash together the branches, debris and trees to create a shelter. I can whittle down sticks to create a friction starting fire tool. I can make tools for hunting and fishing."

Among Driller's favorite books is The Shining by Stephen King. "I love that he wrote it while staying at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado. The TV miniseries with Rebecca De Mornay is almost the book verbatim, and was shot in the Stanley Hotel." Inferno by Dan Brown is another favorite, for its interesting and thought-provoking take on the planet's over population. "Don't waste your time with the movie if you want to know why I love the book so much." His third favorite read is by Tucker Max.

His top preoccupations in life when not filming on set, are his dogs, health, and family.

Driller has been arrested for discharging a BB in Boulder County, and a DUI in San Diego in 2010. "I had 1 beverage, waited an hour, had another, waited an hour, had another, then waited 3 hours before getting in my car. I was pulled over for using my phone to find the directions back to my friend's house. I blew a .08. I tell everyone, 1 beverage is a DUI. I was lucky and my sentence was reduced to a "wet reckless". I only had to show up to AA meetings and the program classes. I didn't have any community service, or a breathalyzer installed into my car (now a mandate in CA from what I've heard). My fines and fees were relatively low (I made out with less than $5K). But, I know that was an anomaly, and that I was super lucky."

Driller's been caught having sex in more places than he can count, "with people I wasn't supposed to be, including my buddies' exes and my boss. I was caught having sex with one of my employees on one of my sailboats, after another employee reported us to Florida Fish and Wildlife. I've been caught exploring various substances you're not supposed to partake in."

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Date added: 06/15/2017 Rating:
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Description : Stepmother Charlotte Cross is soaking in the tub when her stepson Ryan Driller enter the chic Las Vegas condo. She doesn't flinch when he walks into the bathroom and shuts off the faucet. Ryan comments that she looks awfully calm considering his father is sitting in prison under federal investigation.

She climbs out of the tub and walks onto the balcony butt naked. He lectures her for drawing attention to herself when she should be laying low. Charlotte tells Ryan to relax. At least he knows she's not wearing a wire. And besides, they have the best lawyers in town to keep the feds at bay.

Ryan is less optimistic. He's here to make sure nothing goes wrong, like Charlotte standing naked on the balcony. She agrees to go inside, but she wants a kiss. Ryan recites a list of reasons for saying no, not the least of which are because she's practically his mother, even though he's older than her.

Charlotte sits beside him on the sofa but refuses to put on some clothes. When he covers her tits with his jacket, she tosses it off and spreads her legs. She insists he does something for her. Ryan tries to get it through her pretty little head that if anyone finds out they'll both look bad. Charlotte will look like a gold digger. He paints the picture of a hot little girl who shows up out of nowhere and marries a much older rich man, right before his dad gets busted. She could be the rat.

Charlotte agrees she could be the rat. There is plenty she could divulge about his family. Ryan tells her to watch out because he can make her disappear. Charlotte puts him in his place. The only thing Ryan can make disappear is his father's money. Ryan thinks he's a gangster but he's nothing without his daddy's money. She reminds him how badly she can implicate him personally. She will rat him out unless he gives her what she wants. In case she means business, Ryan puts his dick in her mouth. It might keep her quiet.

She gingerly straddles his lap and slowly feeds it into her pussy. He grabs her ass, pushing himself deeper inside. She spins around facing forward and rides his throbbing dick. He stands up to fuck her with gusto from behind. His thrusting picks up speed till she cums on his cock. She flips onto her back and berates him for fucking his daddy's wife. She begs for his cum and he jerks his load right into her mouth.
Date added: 05/12/2017 Rating:
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Comments: 10
Description : Teen Cassidy Klein recently moved back home, which means she'll be rooming next door to her loser step brother Ryan Driller for the next three months. All he does is eat pizza and whack off in bed. When his mom Claudia Valentine catches him spying on Cassidy in the shower she accuses him of being a drifter and doing nothing with his life! After all, he's in his twenties and still a virgin!

That gives Claudia the idea to ask her step daughter Cassidy if she would consider taking her step brother's virginity. But Cassidy laughs in Claudia's face. When Claudia offers to cover her student loans, Cassidy takes her step mother's offer more seriously.

Cassidy wanders into Ryan's room acting a lot sweeter and makes a proposition. At first Ryan isn't buying Cassidy's sudden turnaround. But she manages to convince him that she's serious about taking his virginity. She places his hands on her big natural breasts then takes off her shirt and pants. Lickety-split, his head is between her legs.

For a guy with no practical experience, Cassidy is amazed by Ryan's oral prowess when he licks her vagina. She sucks his cock head and shaft till he's very hard and horny. Ryan can hardly believe it when Cassidy swallows his glistening cock inside her wet pussy and takes his virginity. She fucks him first, to show him how to do it. After cumming in reverse cowgirl, Cassidy offers her backside to Ryan.

Ryan enters her pussy from behind and thrusts his cock in and out, getting the hang of it. She begs him to shut up and fuck her harder, then cums loudly on his cock. He spoons her body in the bed and sideloads her pussy, picking up speed till he jizzes in her face!
Date added: 07/12/2016 Rating:
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Comments: 1
Date added: 07/08/2016 Rating:
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Comments: 3
Description : While Johnny Castle is on one of his routine runs through the neighborhood, he spots none other than his sexy Ex-Wife, Chanel Preston. After only spotting her from behind, neither Ex can get over how sexy the other looks. Chanel can't keep her eyes off Johnny's rock hard body, while Johnny can imagine grabbing Chanel's butt and eating her out from behind, like old times. With these fantasies in mind, Chanel invites Johnny for some dessert later that evening. This is an invitation that Johnny happily accepts. As day turns to night, Johnny arrives to Chanel's house, greeted with a text message from Chanel directing him into the house. Once inside, he hears moans only a true lover can recognize. As he follows the sounds, they lead to the Master Bedroom. As he opens the door, Chanel is seen knees bent, and bent over on the bed wearing the lingerie Johnny loved so much. Her new husband Ryan Driller thrusts his cock inside her. Johnny begins to feel himself growing hard, almost unable to contain himself at the exact moment when Chanel invites him to join them. Together the husbands take turns pleasuring one another until Chanel is a cum filled wife and both men are spent.

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My favorite Superman.
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