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Height : 5'8"

weight : 175

Hair Color : Brown

zodiac : Gemini

date of birth : 1986-06-12

best known for : Apples

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Favorite Body Part : Butt

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Robby Echo was born in Seattle, Washington on June 12, 1986

Echo lost his virginity at age 18. "I was frustrated I hadn't lost it yet and grabbed the first girl who was down. I lasted two hours because I spent most my time doing techniques so I wouldn't come early. Nerves plus the condom gave me super lasting powers. She had to pull me off because her dad was coming home soon."

Among Echo's wildest encounters, in junior high, accompanied by two friends, he sucked on the tits of the hottest girl in school during a football game, "We showed her our pubes in exchange." He's also had anal sex at his mother's high school reunion with a woman. And he had sex in his car on a ferry boat crossing the Puget Sound in Seattle.

His wildest non-sexual encounters include getting lost on a mountain out of bounds snowboarding, "I thought I was going to die. Once, I pooped in the urinal in 3rd grade. And, I was dragged out of our secret skate spot in an abandoned building by the cops in high school."

Thanks to psychedelics, Echo has conquered most of his fears. "I'm not afraid of death anymore, it seems like an exciting new adventure to me. I will continue trying to avoid it, but when it happens I'll be excited to see. My biggest fear would be no more apples!"

Echo got started in the business through his ex-girlfriend Karla Kush. "She was doing it for about a year and then we talked to her agent at the time, OC Modeling, and then they signed me."

If he were trapped on a deserted island, Echo would want a machete, a spear, and a box of filament for lighting fires, "Then I'll live happily ever after because I wouldn't be playing an unsustainable capitalist game hell bent on owning and destroying everything on a finite planet whilst devaluing my worth as a player more and more every year so that the players at the top can squeeze every drop of imaginary wealth out because they got to win, baby, win! The end."

His favorite read is Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse, "It's beautiful and makes you realize how much we get caught up in the highs of Samsara, our bullshit human games." Echo also recommends How To Be Idle by Tom Hodgkinson, "the book addresses how humans before the industrial revolution owned more of their time and how we are owning less of our own time with capitalist driven inventions." Also, anything by Kurt Vonnegut "is great at pointing out our silly games that we don't think twice about."

His favorite movie is The Holy Mountain by Alejandro Jordosky, "Because you have to think about all the symbolism, it's not spoon fed to you in a gentle manner like all the cheap custard filled movies today."

His main preoccupations when not filming are yoga, documentaries and art.

Echo does not hide his porn career from his family, "They know but we haven't openly talked about it. I know they love me no matter what. They are not religious, I helped with that about ten years ago."

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Description : Teen Gina Valentina has trouble focusing on her school work and brews a cup of coffee to cancel out her sluggishness. But that only fuels her for a couple of hours and she rests under her laptop. Her step brother Robby Echo and his buddy Codey Steele walk by her bedroom and rouse her for the hell of it. A bunch more buddies are coming over to watch the game. Maybe she wants to make herself scarce. Gina has to stay home to finish her work. The boys head downstairs so as not to disturb her. Gina tries to get back to the books and decides a cool shower will help her concentrate. She suds up her perfect teen body, and already feels perked up as she towels off. But when she gets back to her bed she realizes she's still low energy. The shower didn't work and neither did the coffee. She finds a commercial online selling the energy benefits of Limitless Head protein powder. She order 2 bottles. When her package arrives an hour later, promising a limitless appetite for spunk, she mixes up a shake and gulps it down. Something strange comes over Gina, she has so much energy, and she has an intense craving for cock. She walks into the den where Robby Echo and Codey Steele are watching the game. She stuns her step brother Robby when she pounces on his lap and begs him to let her suck his dick. Robbie fully submits when Codey asks for in on the action. Gina Valentina guzzles both their dicks and Robbie quickly gets over judging his little step sister. The threesome welcomes the rest of the gang when they walk in on the scene. Everyone is down to get their dicks sucked. Cyrus King and Small Hands insert their cocks in her mouth lickity split. Jake Jace and Ryan McLane get up from the sofa to complete a circle around her insatiable mouth. The guys strip the teen naked and pump up their erections, which she slurps on good and hard. Gina keeps stroking and sucking while the guys take turns diddling her hairy pussy. They form a line on the sofa and Gina passes her mouth from one to the next, crawling and bobbing for cock. Jake Jace hoists her onto the sofa and flips her upside down so her head hangs off the seat. He kneels on the cushion and pumps his hips fucking her face while enjoying an eyeful of pussy. She sucks off Codey and Cyrus while rubbing her pussy till she cums. She keeps giving them limitless head till they blow their huge loads one at a time in her mouth. She begs the late cummers for more spunk and gets two more cum shots in the face. Too bad studying doesn't cum this easy!

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Comments: 0 Date added: 01/27/2017

Robby is so hot and funny.
2021-02-20 01:12
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I like the way Robbie dominates a reluctant female character both physically and emotionally. One of my favorites in my porn collection is Robbie blackmailing a maid (Blair Williams) he caught stealing.
2018-12-10 15:43
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Right on. Excellent talent, book him more.
2019-01-01 04:35
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