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Height : 4'9"

weight : 81

bust : 29B

measurement : 29B-24-34

Hair Color : Blonde

Eye Color : Brown

zodiac : Gemini

date of birth : 1995-06-05

best known for : Being Tiny

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Piper Perri is easily the most petite actress in the adult industry. Her teen allure makes her the perfect cast member to make any man fantasize about her first time. Her first role in Fuck Me First, Daddy put her as a teen predator with a fetish for her Daddy's big black dick against dick owner Tyler Knight. Piper takes great pride in her experience as an actress on Pure Taboo, her experience in the industry ranges from being the cute little teen everyone else casts her for, and the psycho little step-daughter who's been waiting years to have her virginity taken. In her newest scene on Pure Taboo, we'll witness her innocent side as she falls flowerless to a group of men who lured her to her deflowering using her pushover boyfriend Robby Echo. We'll witness her shocked and aroused as she gets her first taste of Taboo.

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Date added: 08/03/2016 Rating:
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Comments: 10
Description : Charity is back at her scheme, regardless of Mr. Chase's threats. She knows his deepest darkest secret, and soon, Bookworm will too. Charity puts on a display for Bookworm, accusing her stepdad of attacking her, but bookworm knows she needs to find out the truth for herself. She barges into her stepdad's room, to find him in the midst of blowing his load all over her mother's photograph. She falls to her knees hoping the accusations can't be true, and Mr. Chase just stands there with his throbbing empty cock hanging inches from her pretty little face as he sets the record straight. He teaches Bookworm not only that Charity has been up to no good, but that she was right. When he saw them having lesbian sex, and then Charity's video of Roger taking his good little girl's virginity with his massive cock, he wished that it was him instead, experiencing those naughty things, and witnessing his good little girl become a woman. Bookworm inches closer to her daddy's cock, asking if good little girl's kiss it with their little teeny mouths. Mr. Chase, just can't resist telling her that it's exactly what he wants. With all the buildup he's had this whole time, and with his freshly deflowered girl inches from his throbbing cock they inevitably seal the deal. Bookworm takes her daddy's cock deep in her throat while he moans in pleasure, knowing his sin will inevitably end up in full blown daddy daughter sex. But when Charity shows up to manage the whole situation, no one can resist the intense pleasures to cum, even if it ends in hours of therapy... and an accident that will shock the nation.
Date added: 07/06/2016 Rating:
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Comments: 3
Description : Bookworm has noticed a lot of changes since Charity showed up. And even though having Charity as her new big sister, she's a tad jealous of the way Mr. Chase looks at Charity the way he used to look at her Momma. Charity, being the master scheme specialist she is, intends on rustling some leaves. She devises a plan to get Bookworm laid by her stepdad's business partner, Roger. He turns out to be the perfect bait too! He's a dumb guy with his brain on his dick, and the perfect potential pawn for her scheme of reciprocal jealousy. Bookworm gets her schoolgirl makeover and goes to seduce her first boy ever, and Roger takes the bait! Bookworm asks him to give her the sex talk, and with a little coaxing Bookworm convinces Roger to let her touch his penis. He is clearly uncomfortable, but her sweet charm and her good little schoolgirl outfit, he can't resist, kissing her and playing with her tiny body as she stuffs his massive cock into her mouth. Unable to resist what's already begun, he peels off her teen panties and sticks his tongue into her warm and sweet shaved pussy. As Bookworm begs roger to take it easy, roger continues to tear her tiny teen virgin pussy with his massive thick cock, splitting her in two, all while Charity takes video evidence on her phone to use for later!
Date added: 06/15/2016 Rating:
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Comments: 6
Description : Good little girl Bookworm (Piper Perri) has sheltered herself her whole life! she wouldn't dare do anything that could be considered irresponsible, or bad. Her step-father (Steven St. Croix) vowed never to give up on her when her mother died. But today their worlds will be turned upside down by a sly runaway, who sweeps through their lives like a sex hungry tornado. Charity (Jessa Rhodes) is found rooting through their garbage as Bookworm is on her way out the door to her test. Charity quickly becomes Bookworm's best friend, as they tour the mansion. But when Charity learns that Bookworm hasn't ever been bad, she seduces her newest toy into doing the naughtiest thing she can think of corrupting her with. Lesbian sex on her stepdad's bed! Charity peels Bookworm's teeny body out of her teen clothing, and gets to work blowing the teen's mind with a lesbian display of sexual fire. As Charity crawls onto Bookworm's cute little mouth to ride her virgin tongue, Daddy comes home to find them fucking on his bed, shocked to see the lesbian display, confused by his perverted thoughts creeping against the inside of his dress pants. Charity notices him, and shows him that she doesn't care, she's here to get what she wants.
Date added: 05/11/2016 Rating:
Like 250
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Comments: 8
Description : Piper Perry asks her stepfather Ryan McLane if it's OK that she uses his shower since the other one isn't working. Ryan of course has no objections to her being naked and wet in the next room because he has grown to enjoy the perverse fantasy of sniffing his girl's panties. Ryan sneaks into the bathroom while Piper is showering, and quickly takes a huge sniff of her girlsway panties. His obsession with Piper's panties catches up to him when he finally gets caught red-handed.

Ryan denies any accusations of stealing his daughter's panties, but Piper doesn't buy into any of his lame excuses. Ryan is lost for words not knowing how to mend this awkward situation but Piper comes out and uses this opportunity to seduce her father and bring to life his daughter fucking fantasy.

As reluctant as Ryan is with all of Piper's sexual advances, she manipulates his cock by wrapping her panties around his shaft regardless of the severe consequences if they were to get caught. Piper sheaths his throbbing cock with her pink panties as she begins to lick the tip of his dick and all Ryan can do is look away and pretend that this isn't happening. Piper doesn't back down despite Ryan's wariness as she grinds her pussy on his cock through her panties and shuts him up with a mouthful of her underwear to sniff. Piper climbs onto his cock and pushes his hard dick inside her teeny shaved pussy regardless of his refusals. She straddles his cock with her tight pussy and all Ryan can do is let her finish something that cannot be stopped, despite the immoral consequences of fucking his daughter!

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Comments: 0 Date added: 08/03/2016
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Comments: 0 Date added: 07/06/2016
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Comments: 0 Date added: 06/15/2016
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Comments: 0 Date added: 05/11/2016

Man, I love Piper. The best things come in Petite Packages. Love her cute smile and uhhh, you know, her other those skinny little legs. The perfect girl for those daddy scenarios...
2020-11-14 16:12
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fucking amazing now if she would only do Anal
2018-05-04 15:16
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Too thin looks like she might break. US answer to Gina Gerson
2018-04-27 15:50
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Yeah, too thin in my opinion. Could use her as a lockpick. Lol!
2020-06-07 17:04
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