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Height : 5'0"

weight : 120

bust : 34D

Hair Color : Red

zodiac : Aquarius

hobbies : Hiking with my two dogs Dinah & Lucy, movies, making porno

date of birth : 1989-02-18

best known for : No limits

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Favorite Body Part : My big natural boobs

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Penny Pax's Biography :

The industry's favorite redhead, Penny Pax was born in Miami, Florida. She moved to California, Hawaii and New Zealand, then lived in Florida for ten years before moving back to California in 2011 to join the adult industry. She currently resides in Los Angeles. Pax does not come from a religious background.

A prude with the boys until age 18, Pax played doctor and "Hide the Penny" with her girlfriends. "We had been messing around for a while doing everything but the actual deed. One day I decided I wanted to see what all the fuss was about and popped my cherry with him one day."

Once she lost her virginity, Pax "pretty much wanted to try all the dicks. I probably banged 35+ dudes before porn."

Her three wildest sexual encounters involve banging a cop on duty in his car, banging on the beach on a chair at night with people walking by and watching, getting creampied in a movie theater in spoon position."

Her three wildest non-sexual encounters include cave diving in New Zealand, skiing in Valloire, France, and snorkeling with sharks and stingrays in Grand Cayman.

Her biggest fear is poisonous insects or animals.

The three things Pax would want if trapped on a deserted island are her two dogs to protect and love her, and a machete to chop wood or start a fire.

Prior to her career in the adult industry, Pax wanted to protect and serve as a police officer. After undergoing training in South Florida, Pax had trouble getting hired as a cop, so she returned to her went for an earlier dream of wanting to be in the entertainment business.

"I joined a modeling website. After doing some trade photo shoots I posted them on the site. Soon after, I was contacted by an agent in Florida to see if I was interested in adult work. I thought it was difficult to join the porn industry so I jumped at the opportunity. I did my first Boy-Girl scene in Miami and impressed myself with how easy it was to perform on camera. And after that I never looked back!"

Her three favorite books of all time are The Grapes of Wrath, Brothers Grimm Fairy tales, and Harry Potter.

Her favorite movie is Moulin Rouge "Because the greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return."

Pax is a huge fan of horror movies, "I love all the special tricks and the gore that their makeup/effects team is able to make look so real!"

Pax prefers being on top when filming on set, because it puts her in control in and "that makes it way easier to cum! Piledriver is always fun too because it opens your holes so much."

Outside of adult conventions Pax isn't recognized much. "I don't wear makeup or slutty porn clothes everyday so I don't think I look the same on camera. The last time I was noticed was at Disneyland and I absolutely love it! I always like meeting fans and taking pictures!"

Pax is open with her family about her porn career. "My mom knows. At first wasn't accepting because she thought she did something wrong raising me. But eventually she came around, seeing how happy I was not working in an office and being able to support myself."

Pax has never been arrested, "although I got a speeding ticket once."

The only time she's ever been caught doing something taboo is on camera filming her porn movies.

Her top preoccupations in life when she's not filming on set are shooting more porn, hiking with her dogs, and Disneyland.

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Date added: 05/06/2016 Rating:
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Description : Previously on Sugar babies we saw Penny Pax turn from a depressed yet budding young beauty, who was starved for money to pay for school and life with her boyfriend Jessy Jones turn into a confused and jaded sugar baby by her new favorite couple James Deen and Chanel Preston, in order to help pay her bills and get ahead of the curve.

Often, it is those who take chance opportunities in life, and overcome the big hurdles that end up shining, and thrive in the levelling aftermath. Will Penny turn out to be among those powerful survivors?

Penny returns home to her confused and frustrated bf Jessy. He seems to feel sure that his advice was sound, and clearly expects to have the 'I told you so' moment. At every turn, he throws Penny's choices back in her face in the most subtile way, showing her that he wants to be a good supportive boyfriend. He knows he has to be there for her through everything, and says he supports her decisions but, his silent, cutting remarks show that he expects her to deal with her self-ruin all on her own, but for now, he'll play along.

Jessy pulls out a soft pink rope, and promises to get kinky, but not be crazy or nothing like that. Penny, clearly tired, plays along, and lets him tie her up. But, once everything is bound, he turns on a dime, and expresses how he feels about her being such a slut, and even makes her see the light by welcoming Jaclyn Taylor to the mix. Jaclyn tells Penny what she is, without a mention or acknowledgement for her true feelings. Jaclyn was in her shoes, and is determined, with Jessy's help to show her the slut she is.

Jaclyn starts to fuck Jessy right in front of Penny, taking his huge cock into her warm hungry mouth, all while Penny screams, that what they're doing is wrong, and she never wanted to do what she did for pleasure. Jessy and Jaclyn don't stop. Jaclyn uses her warm throat to get Jessy rock hard. She shows Penny what Jessy likes, and then climbs on, to show her exactly how Jessy wants to be fucked by a real slut. She pounds her ass down on his massive cock like she can't get enough. She lies back over Penny to let Jessy fuck her as close as possible before making Jessy cum on Penny's face. A perfect white facial to match her clear stream of tears.
Date added: 04/22/2016 Rating:
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Comments: 7
Description : The life of a student can be tough. Either you have everything set for you to enjoy the four best years of your life, or you have to live day to day, hoping for a miracle around every turn. Life on top must be great, you have a place to live, and car to drive and food to eat. Taking things for granted, the upper crust often uses the lower classes as their toys, punishing them for their status, and only allowing them to be themselves behind closed doors.

Life on the bottom wrung is common, but in the land of sun and sand, an incredible journey of transformation is about to take place before our very eyes, and our story begins with Penny Pax, a nursing student, hellbent on getting her life together in any way possible. Her boyfriend Jesse Jones knows that things are tough, and he tries in earnest to sway Penny's decision away from becoming a sugar baby like her best friend Jade Nile. When Jessy walks out, frustrated that Penny would consider breaking them up over money, Penny sees she has no other option, and reaches out, in order to set her life on it's course once again.

James Deen and his wife Chanel Preston are waiting patiently for their new Sugar Baby. James invites Penny in for dinner. but before they can get too comfortable, the sounds of Jessy's texts interrupt. Hoping not to deprive his wife of dinner, James invites Chanel to join them in the living room. Penny is unsure what to expect, but knows that things will not be as easy as expected when Chanel shows up with a strap-on and James leaves his hand prints on Penny's big soft breasts. Penny begins to pant, showing her fear, yet submitting to the powerful couple's every will. Chanel makes sure Penny addresses him for what he is, her daddy.

Chanel holds open Penny's terrified face to welcome James' massive cock inside, filling her until she gags on him. Chanel doesn't like to see her empty, so when he pulls it out of her she fills her sweet little mouth with her fist, telling her to beg daddy for more. Next, Chanel climbs onto Penny's back, shoving her dildo inside of Penny, while taking James' cock deep inside her own pussy. soon, Chanel has Penny clean her ass, while having hers fucked in doggy. Finally, Penny rides Chanel's strap-on until James plunges his massive dick into Penny's asshole. They double penetrate her until James is ready to unload his spunk filled balls all over Penny's beautiful tainted face, plastering her allowance to his load on Penny's ever-grateful mouth.

To Be Continued...

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Comments: 0 Date added: 05/06/2016
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Comments: 0 Date added: 05/06/2016
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Comments: 0 Date added: 04/22/2016
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Comments: 0 Date added: 04/22/2016
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Penny Pax has got to be one of the best natural red heads in porn today. I love the fact that her body is so natural and not perfect. She is completely unashamed that her body might be a little chubby in areas. She is the one for me, definitely my type of woman who I'd follow to the ends of the earth and back. She's also a pretty damn good actress in her own right. She has got a long wa to go yet with this porn thing.
2020-06-03 20:44
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