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Description : When aspiring actress Dahlia Sky answers a want ad to audition for a role in a blockbuster film, she's impressed by the studio and the green screen where the director John Strong says they shoot lots of CGI movies. When the actor Mr. Pete runs through the script with her, she reads her lines and takes direction like a champ.

However, she's a little surprised when John wants to see them kissing, until John explains they're shooting a love story, and he wants to see passion, as if the cameras were rolling. Following Mr. Pete's lead, she goes along with it, but the kissing escalates to full on fucking. The horny director has some pointers for Dahlia about sucking and fucking more believably on camera. He whips out his hard dick to demonstrate, and starts double teaming Dahlia alongside Mr. Pete, penetrating both her ass and pussy until they cum in her face! She's pretty sure she got the part!

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