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Height : 5'10"

weight : 155

Eye Color : Blue

zodiac : Gemini

hobbies : Fire Dancing, Juggling

date of birth : 1984-06-04

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Michael Vegas, a Gemini, was born and raised in Huntington Beach, California. He grew up and got accustomed to what locals call a "beach life" and did not have a religious upbringing. He lost his virginity when he was 18 with his girlfriend at the time, becoming promiscuous in his later teen years. He describes his three wildest non-sexual encounters as getting into a bar fight in a strip club in Thailand that resulted in fleeing from the police via motorcycle, having ridden on the back of a 14ft wide manta ray and having been in the middle of a dust storm that was filled with pouring rain and locusts. Prior to his career in the adult industry, he wanted to be a stuntman, a firefighter or a nurse. He got started in the business by being a smooth-talker and very convincing. His favorite movie is O'brother Where Art Thou. While he doesn't mind horror/thriller movies he doesn't like sticking to one genre. As long as the movie can hold his attention during its entirety, he's happy. His top three preoccupations off the set are happiness, wisdom, and flow. He believes that the nature of Pure Taboo will affect society negatively stating that the content being shot, while can be true to many real-life scenarios, can be damaging as it seems to glorify the actions being carried out in the films. A depiction of the events being shown in a tragic light is not the issue, in his opinion, as much as is depicting these events while highly sexualizing them. No human should have to endure the manipulation of having their caretaker manipulate, into sexual acts. In his opinion, it seems to be glorifying instances that could leave lifelong emotional trauma. Asked if he's ever been caught doing something taboo, he replied that he believes some people would consider anal as something taboo.

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Date added: 03/17/2017 Rating:
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Comments: 19
Description : WARNING: What you are about to watch is arguably the most shocking and graphic family roleplay scene we have ever filmed. We hope you find it equally arousing and disturbing!

Detective Randy Rogers (Derrick Pierce) was known around the vice squad as the quintessential bad cop. His attitude and his underhanded relationship with informants helped him crack more cases than anyone else in the precinct. Perhaps this is why his behavior was tolerated for so long. Because Detective Rogers was a sick and twisted fuck. After his wife left him, his partner put in a request to be transferred and he began to make all the women in the station uncomfortable. Rumors started to circulate that his marriage had ended because of inappropriate behavior with his estranged 18 year old daughter (Kristen Scott). With the help of a junkie informant (Michael Vegas) and his whore girlfriend (Nina North), Detective Rogers orchestrates the perfect night for a perverted daddy daughter reunion. Everything is going to be perfect!
Date added: 11/27/2016 Rating:
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Comments: 2
Description : Michael Vegas is about to cheat on his girlfriend with Edyn Blair from the chat room. As soon as he opens the door for their tryst, the scantily clad redhead raises her hand to him, and he lands in a heap on the floor. When he comes to, he's in a dungeon, tied to a chair, stripped naked and blindfolded. He's freaking out and disoriented, begging to be freed. But this strident woman has a vendetta. She's going to show him how filthy he is for cheating on the woman who waits for him loyally every day, while he fucks every other pussy he comes across. Edyn wants to know what makes him so special. He's terrified and just wants to go home. But Edyn demands to see the skills he's developed being so dirty. She straddles his face and he works her naked pussy, using his tongue and the fingers on his bound hands. She swallows his raging hardon, making him say the words out loud, he betrayed his girlfriend, and he's a piece of shit. Edyn can taste all the pussies he's been inside, and she wants to see what the fuss is about. She sits on him reverse cowgirl, cooing while he pumps her pussy from his seated position. She reminds him not to enjoy himself. She flips him around, and dominates his ass, licking his asshole, because it's her favorite part, and what he wants doesn't matter. If it makes him uncomfortable, all the better. At least he'll have an idea how uncomfortable it is for his girlfriend, getting fucked by his cheating dick. The ass rimming is driving him to the brink. He doesn't even realize he can run away. He's too scared and stimulated to do anything but obey when she tells him to bend her over and fuck her from behind. He ploughs her juicy tight pussy with his throbbing cock, till he empties his cum load on her face.
Date added: 11/01/2016 Rating:
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Comments: 1
Date added: 10/30/2016 Rating:
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Comments: 3
Description : When crazy ex-girlfriend Sara Luvv is still stalking Michael Vegas six months after their break up, not even a restraining order can help him find peace from this girl. Sixty missed calls in two hours! Michael is stressing out over the crazy number of messages she leaves on his phone, but Sara is freaking out with jealousy after seeing him with another girl. Sara lets herself into his house without permission, and confronts him while he's coming out of the shower, that he's a cheater, that she loves him, and that she's desperate to touch him.

She's yelling at him one minute, flirting the next, and crying too. Michael doesn't know what to do except try to calm her down. She keeps begging to have sex with him, so Michael gives in, one last time. She sounds like a lunatic, demanding to be called his princess, and frankly Michael is scared to do anything that will set her off again. Better to just shut up, lick her pussy, make her cum and get her the hell away. He placates her by fucking her with his hard cock to keep her calm. Feeding her delusions, and her pussy, he fucks her till she orgasms, then he takes her pussy from behind and cums all over her tits, and as she drifts off to rest, he calls 911.
Date added: 05/24/2016 Rating:
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Comments: 0
Date added: 05/22/2016 Rating:
Like 111
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Comments: 5
Description : Horny dame Alison Rey is desperate to have someone fuck the shit out of her and will do anything to have her pussy satisfied. It seems as if no one is able to help her out until a higher power brings forth Michael Vegas, a missionary spreading the word our Lord Jesus. Alison gets dressed and opens the door persuading Michael that she is a good loving bible thumper. They sit on her bed sharing their love for Jesus until Alison convinces Micheal that they should get married and consummate their love by fucking each other. A brief exchange of the words ' I Do', and Alison is quick to suck on Michael's virgin cock. Alison throws off her clothes exposing her perky boobs and starts grinding Michael's cock eager for her pussy to be filled. Michael goes down on Alison's shaved pussy making her moan with pleasure and then slowly inserts his hard cock in her tight hole. Alison lifts her leg in the air as she lays back while Michael pounds her pussy vigorously until she gets on all fours bouncing her bubbly butt in the air making Micheal unable to keep his hot cum any longer, busting a huge load over her supple christian ass!
Date added: 04/20/2016 Rating:
Like 173
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Comments: 5
Description : Ashley Adams is ready to go out with her friends with plans to fuck the guy she's been fantasizing about forever. She calls her driver Michael Vegas but is rude and preoccupied on her phone when he asks her destination. From one place to the next they end up in the backwoods. Micheal is livid because Ashley's card declined for the fare. He attempts to throw her out of the car, regardless of her situation but Ashley begs him saying she will do anything. Micheal orders her to fuck him and like it if she wants that ride home. Ashley strips off her clothes as Micheal puts his cock down her throat. He spreads her legs wipe apart and pushes his hard, long cock deep inside her tight pussy making her scream. Micheal wraps in hands around her neck then fingers her wet pussy until she squirts in a sexual rage. Micheal continues to thrust his hard cock inside of Ashley until his hot white cum load explodes over her pussy and making Ashley swallow every last drip!

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Comments: 0 Date added: 03/17/2017
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Comments: 0 Date added: 11/27/2016
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Comments: 0 Date added: 10/30/2016
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Comments: 1 Date added: 05/22/2016
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Comments: 0 Date added: 04/20/2016

Ugh I love Mike. Obsessed.
2021-02-20 01:10
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Does he have two pages on the site? I could have sworn that I liked him before now. He is an amazing actor. He gets so much hate on this platform for the fisting videos which I am not a fan of either but I love everything else he does. He is so sexy!
2021-01-28 22:21
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DETAILS: Height : 5'10", Weight : 155, Eye Color : Blue, Date Of Birth : 1984-06-04, Zodiac : Gemin, Hobbies : Fire Dancing, Juggling
2019-04-19 04:48
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I love michael vegas, he potrays the inner darkness within us that just makes me go crazy how good he is at doing it
2018-05-26 18:03
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I really enjoy Michael's scenes he's one of the BEST adult male entertainers in the business right now.
2018-04-29 01:22
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Michael Vegas does an amazing job portraying each character in his scenes and does a great staying in character during the sex scenes.  It really adds to the fantasy and I'm to were more of him!
2018-04-16 18:37
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