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There are not enough adjectives in the dictionary to describe this beautiful Latin creature. Born in Los Angeles, California, Mercedes Carrera began her career as an engineer in audio/visual production before she appeared in her first porn video. Not only is she incredibly smart, a true geek at heart, she's also the kind of milf that lesbians devour and men wish they could touch. Even though Mercedes had a late start into the industry, her success has gone through the roof! Having several AVN and XBIZ nominations, Carrera did however snag the crown for Girlsway Girl Of The Month for January 2016. She stated: "I'm over the moon at the opportunity to be the January 2016 #GirlswayGirl. It's such an honor and not one I expected at all. Working for Girlsway is always such a pleasure for a variety of reasons. They hire the most incredible girl/girl talent in the industry and the production team is top tier. Working for Bree, Alan and the rest of the crew has been a highlight of 2015 for me and I'm elated to have been chosen to be featured for January 2016!" Having a lead role in one of Girlsway's acclaimed features, "The Turning," Mercedes made it clear that she can not only eat her fair share of pussy, but she also has many more talents. We praise her, women love her, and fans worship her. Make sure to keep an eye out for Mercedes Carrera in some of the hottest girl on girl porn videos right here on Girlsway!

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Date added: 09/02/2016 Rating:
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Description : Previously on PrettyDirty, Cherie Deville walks in on married couple Danny Mountain and Mercedes Carrera having sex in their bedroom, determined to get what is rightfully hers. She pretends to be their sex therapist and influences Mercedes that Danny must be pleased sexually before their marriage crumbles. Mercedes naiveté sets off into a lustful and steamy threesome, igniting rage into Mercedes heart as she watches Danny fuck another woman's pussy. Mercedes will do anything to make her husband happy and challenges Cherie in a cock sucking challenge swallowing his shaft deep into her throat. Mercedes anger grows and takes it out on Cherie by vigorously rubbing her pussy and biting her boobs realizing Danny loves fucking whores. But Mercedes wants to be treated like an object to so Danny stretches her tight pussy and uses it like a naughty sex toy. They take multiple turns riding Danny's cock until he blows his load on Mercedes stomach and Cherie's mouth. Mercedes is so thrilled from this experience she invites Cherie to stay for supper...If only she knew that Cherie isn't going anywhere anytime soon!
Date added: 08/12/2016 Rating:
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Comments: 1
Description : Previously on PrettyDirty, sleazy husband Danny Mountain was in knees deep when he fucked Cherie Deville, a psychotic realtor determined to ruin his life after fucking her and leaving her alone and his wedding ring by mistake. Cherie decides to pay him and his ignorant wife Mercedes Carrera a little visit...Meanwhile, Mercedes and Danny are watching TV as do all normal couples, when the doorbell rings and as soon as Danny notices Cherie at the door, he instantly panics. He jumps out of his seat, opens the door and demands to know why the hell is she here. Cherie smiles defiantly, holding his wedding ring in the air and teases him maliciously but no matter how hard Danny tries to get rid of her, Cherie promises to never give up to what is rightfully hers!

Danny alleviates his predicament by distracting his wife to the upstairs bedroom and spending some special time together. Mercedes lunges her mouth over Danny's massive cock, stroking his shaft with sexual excitement then turns around into a 69 as Danny spreads her huge ass cheeks apart and suckles on her soft pussy. Mercedes jumps on Danny's cock and bounces her luscious ass in the air moaning ecstatically. In the mists of the married couples fucking fiesta, Cherie sneaks in with a grin from cheek to cheek, places herself on the bureau as she watches Danny blow his load over his wives mouth. Mercedes yelps and demands to know who she is and with Danny without words, she introduces herself as their sex therapist!To Be Continued...
Date added: 04/17/2016 Rating:
Like 167
Dislike 8
Comments: 9
Description : Married couple Danny Mountain and Mercedes Carrera open their home to Danny's step sister Rachel James after her horrible breakup with her boyfriend. They enjoy a very 'deviant' game of scrabble as they watch Rachel using sexual words to win the game. Mercedes and Danny call it a night and head to bed, unaware that their guest has ulterior motives to wet her brother's fat cock with her pussy.

Rachel tip toes in the hallway and hears moaning sounds coming from her brother's bedroom. She takes a sneak peak and sees Mercedes riding Danny wildly. She becomes excited as she watches the married couple fucking one another and starts rubbing her pussy through her panties. When Mercedes receives a call from work and leaves the bedroom, Rachel makes her move by sneaking inside while Danny lays still, wearing a naping mask unaware that his sister will be riding his hard cock.

Rachel whispers in his ear to wake up but to leave the naping mask on in order to maintain an element of surprise. Danny thinks it's round two with his wife as Rachel removes his underwear and starts sucking on his hard cock. He moans with pleasure insisting she rides his big, long cock. His sister complies, as he feels his hard cock stretching her tight pussy as his slutty sister grabs onto his legs and pounds his hard meat. Danny takes a look at what is supposed to be his wife fucking him only to be tricked by the blonde haired vixen, but can't say no to what has already started!
Date added: 04/05/2016 Rating:
Like 7
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Date added: 04/03/2016 Rating:
Like 80
Dislike 4
Comments: 2
Description : While the lovely couple Danny Mountain and Mercedes Carrera celebrate in the Christmas spirit, everything turns humbug when Mercedes notices Danny's cell phone ringing off the hook from RJ, his coworker. Danny pays no attention to it, or so he pretends as the text messages roll in and naive Mercedes digs a little deeper at finding out the truth behind this mysterious RJ. Mercedes looks through Danny's phone, revealing his unfaithful treachery. It is time for Mercedes to have some payback...

Mercedes finds the location of the home-wrecking whore and her unfaithful cheating husband will meet. She concocts a plan where she ties Rachel up in the closet and blindfolds Danny and shushes him, urging him onto the bed. Mercedes doesn't make a sound as she dominates the filthy liar into fucking her, probably for the last time.

Her massive boobs hang out from her corset and onto Danny's face. She spreads her legs open for his massive cock. She rides his dick vigorously as her huge ass grips and massages his thick meat, gaping her pussy lips. She flips over fucking him reverse cowgirl as his cock plummets deep inside her pussy. Mercedes leaves trails of pussy juice all over his cock. Danny busts his load onto his wife as he moans out Rachel's name, he hears a moan coming from afar but he's unable to determine what it is...With the blindfold still on, he opens the closet door, and sees Rachel tied and bound. With Rachel in hysterics screaming that some crazy woman threw her in the closet...Danny hears Mercedes' voice calling him a piece of shit, knocking him out cold on the floor!

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Comments: 0 Date added: 09/02/2016
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Comments: 0 Date added: 08/12/2016
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Comments: 0 Date added: 04/17/2016
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