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Date added: 07/29/2016 Rating:
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Description : It's Kalina Ryu's first try as a member of The Wives Escort Club. Having only recently moved to the neighborhood with her workaholic husband, she befriends her gorgeous neighbor Jessa Rhodes. Under Jessa's watchful eye and guidance Kalina decides to accept Jessa's invitation to join the club.

As Jessa leads Kalina's first 'client' Damon Dice to the bedroom, the ground rules are mentioned. No Choking, No Slapping and No saying 'No' are just the basic rules all men need to comply with, in order to fully enjoy the experience. As Damon begins kissing Kalina's neck, tasting her skin, he grabs her breasts sliding his hands down her body to touch her wet pussy. Even though she seems slightly apprehensive about the situation at first, that feeling quickly disappears, as Damon licks and fingers her pussy at the same time. As they lay with each other, Kalina stroking Damon's hard cock, before taking him in her mouth, licking him up and down while he holds her head. Once his cock is nice and wet, he enters her doggy style, she grips the bed while he pounds her from behind. She may not have been very vocal before, but as Damon works his cock in and out of her tight pussy, she cries out with pleasure. As they both finish, Kalina, with Damon's cum running down her face, she can't help but smile, as she wonders who her next 'client' will be....
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Date added: 06/26/2016 Rating:
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Description : Jillian Janson and her boyfriend argue to the point where shes had enough. She needs a real man to satisfy her needs and get the attention she deserves. Who better to help her out sexually than Damon Dice. AJ and Damon are sitting on the couch watching the game when Jillian asks for Damon's help in the kitchen. She has eager sexual intentions he is oblivious to. She guides him into her bedroom implying she needs a good fuck from a real man. Damon doesn't think it's the best idea since his best friend is in the other room, but Jillian could care less and wants his cock bad.

Jillian sucks Damon's long hard cock down her throat making his dick wet and her pussy moist. Damon sucks on her petite boobs, spreading her legs and suckling her tight, shaved pussy. He finger fucks her hole stretching out her insides until she is ready to get her fuck on. Jillian moans with absolute pleasure, finally able to enjoy a nice hard cock inside of her, while forgetting all about her useless boyfriend. Jillian rides Damon's cock in different positions, having multiple orgasms until Damon shoots his load directly inside her mouth and over her chest!

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Comments: 0 Date added: 07/29/2016
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