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Height : 5'10"

weight : 175

Eye Color : Blue

zodiac : Scorpio

hobbies : Gym, hiking, swimming

date of birth : 1988-10-26

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Codey Steele, a Scorpio, was born and raised in Los Angeles, California in 1976. Growing up "very Mormon", he had "a lot of delinquent friends that helped keep him occupied". He had his first sexual experience with "a girlfriend at a brand new high school in a small town." He was the new guy in a small town "full of girls tired of seeing the same old guys. Branding himself "PROmiscuous" he says that he did well for himself in his new home. Prior to entering the biz he wanted a career in Aerospace engineering. Having an interest in the adult industry at a young age, he was the boy, growing up that who would always get naked for shits and giggles.. Despite his interest in porn he got decent job doing the 9-5 routine. His interest peaked again as he started looking into it using Twitter. He never messaged anyone, just looked around and eventually saw girls tweeting about a company in AZ. He emailed them and said he lived nearby and they gave him a shot. He started shooting scenes for them with no experience felt he wasn't learning much. After doing double duty with the day job and the 3 scenes he would shoot a month he then met the amazing Alison Rey, and started taking vacations to LA, and eventually just up rooted and moved here. His favorite film is Grandma's boy, but also loves horror movies especially when the protagonist loses, in the most gory way possible. When offset he enjoys the gym, cooking, traveling. Shooting a scene for PureTaboo was great for Codey as he enjoyed the "really great energy from Bree" and the whole rest of the crew, adding that with a happy fun atmosphere that really allowed for the best sex possible. Speaking on his thoughts regarding of Pure Taboo and how it could affect society and its viewers he believes people already have these types of thoughts, so to see them expressed in porn may help people explore their own wants and needs. For the other 60% of society that act like it's wrong or obscene, they may take it the wrong way but he thinks it will peak their curiosity as well. He believes that the viewer's know what they're getting in for so they'll be very happy with the end product. He's never been caught doing something taboo as everything he does was always consensual.

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Date added: 01/27/2017 Rating:
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Comments: 6
Description : Teen Gina Valentina has trouble focusing on her school work and brews a cup of coffee to cancel out her sluggishness. But that only fuels her for a couple of hours and she rests under her laptop. Her step brother Robby Echo and his buddy Codey Steele walk by her bedroom and rouse her for the hell of it. A bunch more buddies are coming over to watch the game. Maybe she wants to make herself scarce. Gina has to stay home to finish her work. The boys head downstairs so as not to disturb her. Gina tries to get back to the books and decides a cool shower will help her concentrate. She suds up her perfect teen body, and already feels perked up as she towels off. But when she gets back to her bed she realizes she's still low energy. The shower didn't work and neither did the coffee. She finds a commercial online selling the energy benefits of Limitless Head protein powder. She order 2 bottles. When her package arrives an hour later, promising a limitless appetite for spunk, she mixes up a shake and gulps it down. Something strange comes over Gina, she has so much energy, and she has an intense craving for cock. She walks into the den where Robby Echo and Codey Steele are watching the game. She stuns her step brother Robby when she pounces on his lap and begs him to let her suck his dick. Robbie fully submits when Codey asks for in on the action. Gina Valentina guzzles both their dicks and Robbie quickly gets over judging his little step sister. The threesome welcomes the rest of the gang when they walk in on the scene. Everyone is down to get their dicks sucked. Cyrus King and Small Hands insert their cocks in her mouth lickity split. Jake Jace and Ryan McLane get up from the sofa to complete a circle around her insatiable mouth. The guys strip the teen naked and pump up their erections, which she slurps on good and hard. Gina keeps stroking and sucking while the guys take turns diddling her hairy pussy. They form a line on the sofa and Gina passes her mouth from one to the next, crawling and bobbing for cock. Jake Jace hoists her onto the sofa and flips her upside down so her head hangs off the seat. He kneels on the cushion and pumps his hips fucking her face while enjoying an eyeful of pussy. She sucks off Codey and Cyrus while rubbing her pussy till she cums. She keeps giving them limitless head till they blow their huge loads one at a time in her mouth. She begs the late cummers for more spunk and gets two more cum shots in the face. Too bad studying doesn't cum this easy!
Date added: 01/06/2017 Rating:
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Comments: 2
Description : Devout Christian Codey Steele arrives at an address where he hopes to find his wife Ashley Adams. She's supposed to be at a church retreat, but Codey has reason to suspect something far more sinister is really taking place. He enters the house praying for strength, afraid of what he will find. He wanders upstairs, and into a room, where a mysterious woman with long shimmering hair is perched on the bed. She is naked and her back is to the door. When he asks for his wife, she unbuckles his belt and starts to suck his dick, which is already hard from adrenaline. She bends over to show him where she wants him to fuck her, and he enters as instructed. His attention is fully trained on pounding her pussy from behind. That's when someone knocks the daylights out of him! He regains consciousness and finds himself tied to the bed, with an ache in his head, sandwiched between two naked women. The woman he just fucked, who he thought was a stranger, is really the clairvoyant Reena Sky. She's the woman who gave him reason to doubt his wife. After she warned him about his wife, she made him behave like a heathen by fornicating with her so she could feed off his sexual energy to get clearer visions. She's no psychic. She's the lesbian who's been fucking with his wife the entire time. And now he's been lured to a strange place, knocked out and tied down by his lesbian wife and her mistress. He's being pushed to watch these sinners disobey the Lord and commit adultery. Evildoer Ashley is hellbent on having fun with Reena's pussy. Even though he fucked her only yesterday, Codey tries to stay pious. He tries to avert his eyes lest his soul burn in hell for all eternity. But he can't look away while the lesbians rub their pussies, cumming wildly all over the bed! He can only pray for their souls.
Date added: 01/06/2017 Rating:
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Comments: 0
Date added: 12/02/2016 Rating:
Like 161
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Comments: 2
Description : Devout Christian Codey Steel is wrapping up a catch up call with his wife who's out of town on a church retreat, when an attractive stranger named Reena Sky comes to his door claiming to have seen a vision. She's a clairvoyant and feels compelled to share this information about his wife Ashley. Intrigued that she knows his wife's name, Codey agrees to put aside his bible studies and invites the clairvoyant inside to tell him the important news. She claims his wife is not at a retreat. At first he doesn't believe the lady, but when Reena Sky begins to recount some obscure facts, some intimate details of their lives she couldn't possibly know, Codey can't dismiss the suggestion outright. When she tells him that his wife's been lying to him and cheating on him with a woman, he begins to trust the clairvoyant. Codey wants to know who it is, but Reena will need to hold a seance. She lights candles to prepare the space for the spirits to send their divine messages through her. Sensing a message is trying to cross over, she tries to strengthen the transmission by grabbing Codey's hand and pressing it to her heaving bosom to increase his energy. Reena feels a block in his energy, but she's so close to the answer, and it's frustrating her because she needs to help bring him peace. She pulls both her tits out of her bra, placing Codey in quite the moral conundrum because she's asking him to be very unchristian beholding them and touching them. No matter what they do, the information is just beyond her reach, so she proposes they both get completely undressed. She places his finger on her love button and makes him press it over and over. Meanwhile the signal is getting clearer and she can make out the name Anna. But for more information, Reena Sky insists on full body contact. Codey doesn't like fingering that unwholesome woman, but he's committed to finding out the truth. She wriggles her hips hypnotically and she can really feel Codey's energy growing, along with the cock dangling between his legs. Soon as she sucks his dick, she's able to get a better reading. He lets her try inserting his cock in her pussy for a more total connectivity. The energy distribution seems to be working, as Codey puts his back into it, thrusting in and out of her pussy, jiggling her trunk, till he drenches her face with jism, and Reena cums like a revelation, 'Diane!'

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Comments: 0 Date added: 01/27/2017
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Comments: 0 Date added: 01/06/2017
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Comments: 0 Date added: 12/02/2016
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He is really becoming my new favorite of the new generation. God I love a confident man that can be a switch! Very few things sexier than that! I hope more new actors take notice and perhaps feel they too can switch!
2019-11-21 21:24
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nice. what do you mean switch?
2022-03-17 07:35
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