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Adorable and Lovely, Brunette Cassidy Klein has proven to be a dream for us to work with. Her 16 year long history of dance and her incredible flexibility make scenes like girlsway's Little Red: Part One a real zinger! She has been working in the Adult Industry, and with girlsway since 2014, making her first appearances for Sex Tape Lesbians. When we asked her what she thought about working with us she said "When I'm on set for girlsway, it doesn't feel like work. It doesn't feel like a job. It feels like a family."

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Date added: 05/12/2017 Rating:
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Comments: 8
Description : Teen Cassidy Klein recently moved back home, which means she'll be rooming next door to her loser step brother Ryan Driller for the next three months. All he does is eat pizza and whack off in bed. When his mom Claudia Valentine catches him spying on Cassidy in the shower she accuses him of being a drifter and doing nothing with his life! After all, he's in his twenties and still a virgin!

That gives Claudia the idea to ask her step daughter Cassidy if she would consider taking her step brother's virginity. But Cassidy laughs in Claudia's face. When Claudia offers to cover her student loans, Cassidy takes her step mother's offer more seriously.

Cassidy wanders into Ryan's room acting a lot sweeter and makes a proposition. At first Ryan isn't buying Cassidy's sudden turnaround. But she manages to convince him that she's serious about taking his virginity. She places his hands on her big natural breasts then takes off her shirt and pants. Lickety-split, his head is between her legs.

For a guy with no practical experience, Cassidy is amazed by Ryan's oral prowess when he licks her vagina. She sucks his cock head and shaft till he's very hard and horny. Ryan can hardly believe it when Cassidy swallows his glistening cock inside her wet pussy and takes his virginity. She fucks him first, to show him how to do it. After cumming in reverse cowgirl, Cassidy offers her backside to Ryan.

Ryan enters her pussy from behind and thrusts his cock in and out, getting the hang of it. She begs him to shut up and fuck her harder, then cums loudly on his cock. He spoons her body in the bed and sideloads her pussy, picking up speed till he jizzes in her face!
Date added: 07/01/2016 Rating:
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Comments: 2
Description : Mick Blue is a powerful Lawyer, with a dirty mind and a job to get done. He's sure that his two favorite Interns Cassidy Klein and AJ Applegate will go above and beyond to get the job he's offering them. Among the five summer interns only one can be chosen, and Mick has his eyes (and a few other things) focused on these two beautiful candidates. Without telling them exactly why they're at his house on such a beautiful day, he hints that he's willing to see how badly they want the job. Well, AJ takes the hint immediately and is eager to pounce on Mick to make her impression. Cassidy is instantly jealous and pushes AJ out of the way to lay seductive kiss on Mick's waiting mouth. AJ, now left out in the cold decides that she'll get on her knees to prove she's the best. after a great deep throating session with AJ, Cassidy uses her seductive charm to lure him to the Bannister with her pussy wafting his way in the open air. He takes the bait, and soon he is having his way with both these gorgeous interns. He fucks Cassidy while AJ takes his cock in her throat, and AJ even eats out Cassidy's pussy when her throat isn't filled. He has them both suck his big cock at the same time. Before long, AJ needs her horny wet holes filled, so she climbs on for a ride. Mr. Blue directs the whole affair, making sure they all have their fill. Cassidy and AJ sure get theirs when he busts his nuts all over their faces and in their open mouths.

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she is such a funny babe, deserves more enthusiastic comments!
2021-01-14 20:24
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Cassidy is even more fun to Fap to when you realize shes a great porn double for the Full Metal Bitch ;)
2018-10-19 00:15
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