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Height : 5'10"

weight : 160

Hair Color : Brown

zodiac : Capricorn

hobbies : Golfing, Bowling, Video Games, Movies & TV Trivia

date of birth : 1988-12-29

best known for : Blowjobs and Fitness

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Favorite Body Part : Batman

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Brad Knight's Biography :

Brad Knight was born in Richmond, Virginia on December 29, 1988. As an adolescent, Knight had no outlet for sex despite being very horny, "Masturbation was my best friend during my teens."

Knight lost his virginity at the age of 19. "I had become friends with a couple and we were chatting online back and forth before we all decided to meet in person. Apparently, that meant fucking the girl and going home. I lost my virginity in their hot tub with a condom on in the water. It was strange night but it ended well."

Knight got his start in the business in 2014 when he answered an online ad in Tampa, Florida. "I didn't really think anything of it at the time. I thought the company wouldn't be legitimate, Tampa wasn't known for mainstream porn at the time. I worked for a company now based in Vegas called Primal Fetish. They specialized in hand jobs, blowjobs and taboo based film. I got through the first hand job successfully and that started my career. Using those connections and seeing various talent every day helped me decide to start working in Miami, and then eventually California."

His three wildest sexual encounters include sex in an airplane with Summer Day and Anya Olsen, sex on a populated nude beach, and a foursome with Brooklyn Chase, Courtney Taylor and Summer Brielle.

Among his wildest non-sexual experiences are bungee jumping in Japan, eating escargot in Paris, and meeting Pope John Paul II at the Vatican.

Knight's biggest fear is failure.

If were trapped on a deserted island with only three items, Knight would bring a lighter with unlimited fluid for protection and shelter against animals and the elements, a to make shelter, and for protection and safety, and a fishing pole, and bait, "or a boat so I can leave."

Knight's favorite books are Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert M Pirsig, "I gain new insight about life, love and society each time I read it." Angels and Demons by Dan Brown, "Visiting Italy and Rome is one of my all-time favorite trips and for Dan Brown to describe these monuments in such vivid detail brings me right back." And, Harry Potter and the Half Prince by J. K. Rowling, "This is one of my favorite novels because of how devastatingly dark it is. For a book, it has a lot of death and destruction and of course, Dumbledore."

The Empire Strikes Back and Deadpool are tied for Knight's favorite movie.

When Knight is not on set, he is generally uploading the BTS footage to his OnlyFans @, editing content for his website and store, or watching sports at the bar.

Knight's parents are divorced. "My mom is very liberal and understanding, she grew up in the Midwest but it didn't change her modern principles. She approves of my doing porn. My father comes from a very religious background and probably would not approve. He doesn't know."

Knight admits that he has been arrested, but never caught doing something taboo.

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Description : Brad Knight grew up to be a successful stockbroker raking in the dough, but back in high school he was Johnny's dorky little brother. How times have changed. Now Johnny is jobless and living temporarily with his wife Ariella Ferrera in Brad's luxurious abode.

Ariella was head cheerleader in high school and married Johnny because he was the most popular. But now that Johnny's fallen on hard times, she can't help but see Brad as a knight in shining armour. She doesn't want to be stuck waiting tables at the diner forever.

When Ariella overhears Brad bragging over the phone about his wild sexual escapades she gets excited and decides to make her move. Wearing the sluttiest lingerie in her possession, she comes into his bedroom with a marital problem she needs to confide. She claims Johnny's been refusing to fuck her and she can't go on denying her womanly needs.

Sure, if this were high school, Brad would fuck her in a heartbeat, but his dream girl married his brother, and you know how it goes, bros before hoes. But Ariella exploits Brad's weakness between the knees and plants his hand on her pussy. He tries to pull away but she hangs on tight and humps his fingers. By the time she unzips his pants and pulls out his cock, it's rock hard and standing at attention.

After a few pumps to the back of her throat, he lets her ride his tongue till she cums all over his mouth. He tries to resist fucking her pussy but stealthy Ariella knows how to get what she wants. And Brad fills her hole, in every position, till she jerks his stringy cumload all over her big juicy tits. How did Ariella convince a guy like Brad to betray his own brother? Click to find out!
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Date added: 08/31/2016 Rating:
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Description : When Brad Knight sees Melissa Moore's hot ass in skimpy shorts, walking with a walker and struggling with her parcels, naturally the Good Samaritan offers to help. She's so appreciative, and helpless, that Brad offers to help with the chores around the house, not yet realizing he's about to do more than the dishes. After Brad does lots of housework, Melissa lures him into bathroom asking for a sponge bath, and takes off her top. Stammering and reluctant, yet unable to look away from her perky tits, Brad's cock stiffens as he helps her shorts off and soaps her back. He doesn't want to take advantage of this naked helpless girl, but when she spreads her legs and guides his head to her pussy, he can't help but lick it. And when her hand coaxes his hard cock into her wet pussy, he fucks it deeply and repeatedly, as she straddles the sink, begging for more of his cock in her tight teen pussy, moaning that it's making her cum, as Brad pulls his hard cock out of her wet pussy and shoots his cum load into her gaping mouth.
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Date added: 06/01/2016 Rating:
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Description : Tiffany Watson is getting ready for her date and has Alice March help her choose what to wear. But they have an admirer peeping in from outside. Tiffany's creepy neighbor Brad Knight watches them from outside, figuring a way in without being caught. When the girls head upstairs, Brad makes his move and slowly goes upstairs behind them only to have his perverted fantasies come true. Tiffany and Alice make out and lick one another's perky boobs sensually. Brad watches from behind with his huge cock between his hands, aroused at such a sight. But Brad makes the mistake of moaning too loud grabbing the girls attention. They decide to use this opportunity to fuck his brains out. With his cock ready to fuck, Tiffany and Alice stoke and lick his hard shaft simultaneously. One by one, Brad takes turns fucking their tight pussy holes in many different positions until they order him to bust his hot white load inside their slutty open mouths.

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