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Height : 5'3"

weight : 121

Eye Color : Blue

zodiac : Pisces

date of birth : 1985-03-04

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Angela White was born in Sydney, Australia. She grew up in a large family where she was the eldest child. She was very shy for the most part. She lost her virginity when she was 14, which was also the age where she realized she wanted to do porn. She experimented a lot at that age and lost her virginity to her long-term boyfriend. Once she got her first experience out of the way, she became very promiscuous and wanted to explore her sexuality.

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Date added: 03/10/2017 Rating:
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Description : Maid Angela White is getting started at her new housekeeping job. The homeowners leave her alone in the enormous house, so she puts on her earphones and blares heavy metal while vacuuming. Braless under her white tank top, she scrubs the kitchen floor, wipes down the faucet in the bathroom, and throws in a load of laundry. Suddenly, she thinks she hears someone come in and it's creeping her out. She passes by a partially opened door, and dreads to pull it open terrorized by her imagination. But, turns out it's only a broom closet. Her friend calls her cellphone and Angela complains about what's going on. But she hangs up when she sees the front door is wide open. And a pair of shoes have been placed on the stairs. She gets off the phone and finds something sharp in the kitchen, then she runs upstairs to inspect each of the rooms. She sees the homeowners' son Tyler Nixon lying in bed naked and stroking his glistening hard cock to a dirty magazine. Angela relaxes, and then freaks out over the coconut oil on the sheets she just cleaned. Tyler tries to calm her down but the maid is flipping out. She sprays him with coconut oil, throwing in his face that he should be considerate of the fact that she's been working hard all day and deserves a bit of pleasure too. She gets the grandiose idea that he should fuck her with his hard cock. Tyler is a virgin and stammers to tell her as much. She whips off her shirt and tit fucks his virgin dick, yelling at him to squeeze her tits together. Tyler is a little bit scared, but Angela indulges him with his first blow job. He's used to jerking off, not being with a real woman, but he can get used to this. She cleans his cock with her spit and sucks on his balls. Tyler tries to talk but Angela tells him to shut up, she's busy cleaning. She admonishes him for not cleaning up after himself while she busily strokes away at his rigid dick. Angela decides to teach him a lesson about cleaning, so she commands him to lick her pussy and asshole clean. He's never done anything like that before, but he's off to a good start. The inexperienced boy earns some brownie points doing his dirty work on her backside. She shoves his head between her ass cheeks, making him burrow his tongue deeper in her crevices. She flips onto her back so she can watch him eat her pussy, until she decides it's time for Tyler to fuck her. He strokes himself to full erection. She tells him to rub it on her pussy and that does the trick. He pops it in her pussy and fucks her with the wonderment of a virgin. Her tight pussy swallows his meat, and he falls on top of her, desperate to slide against the walls of her love tunnel. She holds her legs together to tighten her hole, then he stops for a second to taste her cum. She climbs on top and he grabs a handful of her ample ass cheeks as she rides him. He bends her over as per her orders, and fucks her pussy hard from behind, nearly pulling her arms. Then she rides him in reverse cowgirl and cums with his cock deep inside. He sideloads her pussy and makes her tits bounce with the vigor of his ploughing. He kneels jabbing into her, quickening his thrusts and making her cream. He gives it to her good until he spits his load across her tits. But is it wise to make him lick her asshole clean again, in case her boss comes home? Click to find out!

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Fantasy idea for Angela white Lena paul and ms ivy and jenna sativa for a wife swap parody.
2019-04-09 03:34
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I have an episode series idea Id love to see Angela White star in.  The premise of the series is a character like Mr Waltz plays in Inglorious Bastards. Any guy that can pull off an accent and be scary/funny will do. The President has commissioned this "General" to rid the country of families with awful surnames, to make America Great Again. The general will come to each families home, cleanse them of their old names, and give them a new normal surname. To cleanse the families of the filth of their former names, the General must cum on the faces of the mothers and daughters. His trusty lieutenant Angela (played stern, like character Rosa Klebb of From Russia With Love) will cleanse the fathers and sons by cumming on their faces. The families are skeptical of whether these army types are officially from the President, since they all have foreign accents. Two henchmen keep the guns on the families to make them submit and comply. The scenes come off as scary as the Jew killing in the opening scene of Bastards. But scary funny. Multiple episodes can be made as a recurring episode type to see what ridiculousness the general says as he rants about his mission to cleanse the country of awful surnames before he begins the cleanse of the fearful families. Surnames these families may have could be Gut, Pigg, Boner,  Dikshit,  Cockburn, Wiener,  Dickiehead, etc. The country MUST be cleansed! may freely use this episode idea.
2018-10-11 00:04
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