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Height : 5'2"

weight : 112

bust : 32B

Hair Color : Brown

Eye Color : Green

zodiac : Scorpion

date of birth : 1991-11-04

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Adriana Chechik was born on November 4, 1991 in Dowington, Pennsylvania and grew up in foster care. Her background is a mix of English, Russian and Serbian. She studied biochemistry at Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Before getting started in porn in 2013, she worked as a stripper at Scarlett's Cabaret in Hallandale Beach, Florida. Her stage name was inspired by horror film director David Chechik.

When she's not busy filming on set, she is usually tending to her website,

Some of her wildest experiences include a guest appearance on The Howard Stern Show and a feature in Cosmopolitan magazine's September 2014 issue.

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Date added: 06/08/2016 Rating:
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Description : Danny Mountain isn't answering Remy LaCroix's phone calls, and she knows he's beyond pissed. Remy tells bestie Adriana Chechik that he's probably thinking about divorcing her after he found out that Seth fucked her in the ass. Remy really needs to fix things before it's too late and Adriana comes up with an idea that is anything but fantastic. Since Danny always wants to be on top of things, she thinks the only way to salvage his ego would be him fucking another girls ass, making things even and Danny a winner. And they knew just the girl that they can count on...Mia Malkova.

Adriana and Remy call Mia, cutting right to the chase asking and convincing her to have a four way orgy. Mia isn't sure about this crazy idea especially that Danny has a huge cock and she will have to do anal, but for her girls, she will do just about anything. When they interrupt Danny's game scantily clad, he assumes they're here to help Remy pack her things, but Adriana explains their true intentions to redeem themselves for their bad decisions and offer not only Mia's ass as redemption, but all three of their hot asses. Mia climbs on top on Danny and begins kissing his ear and rubbing his bulging erection making him helpless in sexual seduction.

Mia, Remy and Adriana tag team Danny's cock gagging on his long, hard shaft. Adriana helps Mia remove her dress and panties while Danny plays with her asshole in preparation for his inevitably big cock. Mia goes all fours as Remy lays underneath her pussy, watching her husband's cock go inside Mia's tight asshole. Remy wets Mia's pussy with her tongue and fingers her. Adriana wants to feel his cock inside of her tight pussy so she rides his dick vigorously, cumming on Danny's cock. Remy has third dibs on Danny's monstrous cock as Adriana and Mia take turns pleasing each other's pussies and swapping cum juice. Their orgy turns into a great success as Danny busts his massive, hot load all over Mia's ass and back and has the naughty girls lick up every last drop!
Date added: 05/27/2016 Rating:
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Comments: 1
Description : Danny Mountain has had enough of Remy's fucking games. He calls her on her phone which always sends him to voicemail. He hears a knock at the door and opens it seeing Adriana Chechik. Danny informs her that Remy isn't there and hasn't been home all night, but Adriana lets him know she's safe and sound with her husband Seth. Danny insists on knowing what she's been doing with him alone and Adriana, bound by honesty, says that she is fucking him, and that now it's Danny's turn for some fun. Danny is overwhelmed with anger and feeling deceived, but finally uses Adriana's pussy as a scapegoat. He grabs her by the neck, rips off her clothes, bends her over, and spreads her legs to taste her slutty pussy. He rams his huge, hard cock inside of her wet pussy, watching her moan in sexual gratification and asking to be fucked harder. Danny tosses her on her back and trusts his cock deep into her mouth gagging her with his massive erection. Adriana bends over as Danny continues to fuck her pussy, eventually busting his jizz evenly over her holes. Danny grabs her by the neck and throws Adriana out of the house bare naked, sending a message to his two-timing wife that their marriage is officially OVER! To be continued...
Date added: 05/13/2016 Rating:
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Comments: 2
Description : Remy LaCroix had a lot of time to think about easing Danny into having anal sex. Adriana proposes that Remy has anal sex with her husband Seth Gamble since his cock isn't as big as Danny's. Remy is surprised that Adriana would let her share her husband's cock but Adriana makes a deal that she would fuck Danny, making things even. Remy is still convinced that Danny will be upset with her, but Adriana assures her this is for the greater good. Seth is all for fucking Remy's big ass and begins kissing her passionately. Adriana peeps through the door as she watches Seth pinch Remy's perky boobs and finger fuck her wet asshole. Remy sucks on Seth's hard cock swallowing his shaft down her deepthroat until she's game to squeeze his cock inside her tight ass. Seth thrusts his shaft vigorously inside her and orders Remy to taste her asshole like the dirty girl she is. He turns Remy around and continues to fuck her asshole as she moans in pure ecstasy as Seth gets ready to explode his hot, white cum over her backside. Now that the dirty deed is done, it's Adriana's turn to seduce Danny and have her share of the fun! To be continued...
Date added: 04/27/2016 Rating:
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Comments: 0
Description : Remy LaCroix confides in her best friend Adriana Chechik about how her love life has gone to shit with Danny and doesn't know how it can be salvaged. Adriana suggests that Remy let him fuck her in the ass to spice up their love life. Reminiscing from their college days, Adriana tells a tale of how she devirginized a hot Spanish exchange student with juicy details that Remy brings with her into the night. Remi fantasizes in the bathtub, touching her soft pussy as she envisions Adriana's story which becomes all too surreal. She moans in sexual arousal as she mentally re-enacts Adriana's sex story with Ramon Nomar. Remy spreads her legs as she pictures Adriana and Ramon stimulating their sexual parts with the bathwater flowing over her wet pussy. Ramon kisses Adriana's boobs vigorously and eats out her shaved pussy until the horny slut wants his huge cock inside of her mouth. She sits over his cock as she bounces strenuously ripping her pussy apart. Ramon turns her around, ready to fuck her wet asshole making her scream for more. Adriana's eyes roll behind her head in sexual gratification which causes her to squirt instantaneously over his fat cock. As Remy's fantasy intensifies so does Ramon's cock, unable to hold out his hot creamy jizz that explodes over Adriana's naughty pussy stimulating Remy's climax and opening up endless sexual possibilities! To be continued...

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Comments: 0 Date added: 06/08/2016
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Comments: 0 Date added: 05/27/2016
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She is one of the most beautiful porn stars ever. I think she could've been a mainstream model. She looks like she picked the right career she seems to enjoy it. And she isn't afraid to try anything.
2020-08-18 04:27
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the north
Great adult actress. So versatile. She can do sweet and innocent and she can do hardcore and dirty. She can do it all!
2020-03-29 02:52
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Hi Mcnasty, would you be so kind as to give me some information on how i can get a custom video from you or do you do that?
2018-11-18 01:08
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Hi Mcnasty, would you be so kind as to give me some information I may be getting a custom video from you or do you do that?
2018-11-18 01:07
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Really hope she comes back to do more scenes with you guys, cause Adriana + pure taboo is absolute WIN.
2018-03-30 10:46
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Testing UserProfile member
She is so nice!
2017-09-28 15:42
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