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Height : 5'4"

weight : 130

Hair Color : Brown

Eye Color : Hazel

zodiac : Scorpio

hobbies : Dancing, tanning

date of birth : 1995-11-19

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Abella Danger was born November 19, 1995 in Miami and is of Jewish and Ukranian descent. She jumped into the world of porn at age 18 and quickly moved to Los Angeles to jump start her career. Her adorable personality and curvy, natural features won her AVN's Best New Starlet award in 2016 and she continues to be one of the most popular and sought-after names in the industry. Abella Danger's name translates to 'beautiful danger', and it also perfectly describes her first scene for Pure Taboo. In 'Mr. Nice Guy' she stars as Amy, an impressionable 18-year-old teen who meets Eric at a night club. After bringing her back to his place she lies about her sexual experience and agrees to rough sex with him. Amy gets choked, blowbanged and fucked hard in an intense scene that makes her second guess Eric's true character and intentions. She also makes an appearance in part 3 of Joanna Angel's 'Trailer Park Taboo'. In this scene, Joanna's character believes her boyfriend is hiding something, so she and her friend Abella manipulate him into a wild and hardcore threesome. This allows Joanna to go through his belongings when he's distracted with Abella's sloppy blowjob but in the end, it's Abella who winds up being wronged by the shifty boyfriend. Abella Danger has more in store for fans of her taboo side as she recently revealed that she just shot a new scene that will be featured on Pure Taboo this fall. Stay tuned for more of Abella Danger as she showcases her acting skills in more taboo porn coming soon!

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Date added: 07/12/2016 Rating:
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Date added: 07/10/2016 Rating:
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Comments: 2
Description : It's Xander Corvus and Abella Danger's wedding anniversary but Xander completely forgot that he already had plans with his buddies. As he walks into his house, he sees rose petals on the floor trailing toward his bedroom. On their bed he sees his wife Abella dressed in seductive red lingerie with a perverted look on her face begging to be treated like she deserves!

Abella stuffs Xander's cock inside her mouth with determination and hunger, swallowing his cock deep inside, sucking it vigorously in order to satisfy her husband's perverted fantasies of fucking a full blown floozy. Xander presses her face to his groin for a deeper spot in her throat. The impact makes her gag from his massive hard cock winding down her throat. Abella wants to do something special for their anniversary and asks Xander to fuck her tight virgin asshole. He wets her tight hole and slowly pushes his cock head inside while Abella experiences her first anal fucking. Abella squats over his cock as he rams her ass full. She orgasms multiple times from such a deep fucking. She's so horny that she can't resist sucking her ass juices from his rock hard cock with her naughty mouth. They take it up a notch by swapping holes from her tight asshole to her seasoned shaved pussy. Finally Abella is unable to control her satisfaction and screams in a sexual frenzy. Xander spreads her ass cheeks apart giving her a few hard pumps until he busts his mighty load of hot cum over his naughty wife's face!
Date added: 05/29/2016 Rating:
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Comments: 6
Description : Besties Abella Danger and Sara Luvv rekindle the flames from their college sexcapades. Sara thinks they should hang out to spend time together. Unfortunately Abella is caught up with her parents bringing in a new foster brother and has to stay home to welcome him into the family. But when Abella sees Tyler Nixon walk out from the car, Abella is immediately amazed at how sexy he is and calls Sara to tell her she's definitely going to ride his cock but Sara also wants in on the fun!

Abella greets her new brother Tyler Nixon. Tyler explains how he lost his parents in a tragic accident and how grateful he is that Abella's parents took him in, but Abella doesn't care about any of that, her focus is on fucking her brother's brains out. Along comes Sara, who presents herself and insists if there is anything Sara can do to make Tyler feel more comfortable she is there to help. But Sara and Abella's persistence to get closer physically, makes Tyler uncomfortable and he excuses himself to the washroom. They take a sneak peak at his cock through the door and make a pact that they are both fucking Tyler and tempt the vulnerable boy with a little lesbian make out session. He runs to his bed trying his best to avoid any sexual contact with the two girls, but ends up in an inevitable threesome.

They all get naked and the hungry girls promise Tyler that this is a perfect opportunity to get to know his sister. The girls stroke his hard cock through his underwear. Sara grabs his shaft and sucks hard making it wet for Abella to hop on. Even though Tyler is reluctant for any of this go further. Abella and Sara are determined to take it all the way. Abella rides Tyler's cock as Sara lowers her horny shaved pussy over his face. The girls orgasm simultaneously. It is just fair that if Tyler fucks his sister well he has to fuck her best friend making things even!
Date added: 05/10/2016 Rating:
Like 17
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Date added: 05/08/2016 Rating:
Like 140
Dislike 5
Comments: 6
Description : Prima Donna, Abella Danger rehearses her upcoming sex scene with supporting actress August, The story is a tale involving Abella's long time lover thought to have died in a tragic accident but she hears he's alive and well. Abella leaves the set, barging into her dressing room to focus on her next scene, but is unaware of Jean Val Jean, a production assistant eyeing her with intentions to fuck her holes in any way possible...even if it means pretending to be someone else!

Jean Val Jean walks into her room, holding a bouquet of flowers and introducing himself as Johnny Castle, her supposed co star in their next scene. He proposes they rehearse together. He's being a method actor and convinces her the only way to perfect their performance is to act it out. Abella isn't sure since it means they would fuck each other, but Jean's charming french accent is enough for Abella to fall deep into his sexual trap.

Abella opens her legs for Jean mouth to ravage her shaved pussy and moans with utter excitement as he devours her juices. Jean wants his cock sucked and Abella thinks they've gone far enough, but his massive dick is hard as a rock and is ready for her to deep throat. She gags and loses her breath from an exhausting and impressive blowjob befitting an award but Jean insists they further their method acting and coaxes the naive star to fuck his cock. She pleads Jean to continue fucking her brains out as she orgasms back to back which makes him zealously thrusts his dick hard and deep inside her until his hot thick cream dominates her entire face. Abella is left alone with a face full of cum and is surprised by a knock at her door, causing her to come face to face with the real Johnny Castle!

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Comments: 0 Date added: 07/10/2016
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Comments: 0 Date added: 05/29/2016
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Comments: 1 Date added: 05/08/2016

She is very good
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She is "The Best" !!!
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