A Wife's Consolation

Starring: Nina Elle, Alex Davis
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Thank you so much for the amount of creativity, story and detail that you put into this film and its first episode. I especially wanted to applaud the male lead of this feature Alex D. for subtly revealing a lot while also trying to stay in the same goofy teenage character from the first installment set much earlier in time. before (and also doing a decent job of impersonating Marcus London's accent and innocent creepy chuckle. . If you love taboo (legal) studio porn as much as I do (and consider it be almost a sick hobby) you'll see there sometimes is a hidden story beneath the surface story. This has been done by many of the big porn studios (any of the old Powers written films, Wicked, SinCity, Harmony Vision, any orgy videos made in the Czech Republic as well and many more) for at least 15 years. That hidden story has varying degrees of hidden layers and clues given but is usually far more interesting (and naughty), requiring the viewer to dig deeper.. Here are some clues/tips I have found. First, really listen to the actor's voice characterization and changes to his pitch, tonal style and the person to whom their character is addressing and of course their character's body language. James Deen was a master at this and so creepy good at it! Do they seem unsure of what is going on (then they probably really don't know what's going on). Do they seem confident but hesitant or too quick to answer (they are most likely dirty liers doing unspeakable things to others in the name of selfish hedonism). Also, watch how they change body positions slightly although in the same sex position for little to no reason. Often they do this in conjunction with a coded hand gestures that give the audience an important clue. Something that is really key is no matter who the character claims they are or who they believe the person is standing next to them is, i.e., the babysitter, the nanny, the high school teacher, etc. listen for discrepancy statements that seem poorly worded (but are very intentional), Tyler Nixon is masterful l at this! Also, the very specific color code used in taboo porn as well as the costume jewelry worn by both sexes. (details in metal, stone, and number of jewels) the actor's scene requires, I remember one older studio always subtly showed the male lead removing his wedding ring at one point during sex for the first time with a beautiful, very young looking actress and chucking away them with a sigh of good riddance. You will also need to check out all of these things in the furniture and props. Art on the wall is often switched out to show a passage of time and change in values of the owners. Position, color, etc. of pillows is important. Any horseshoe and the position it is in gives an important clue. I cannot stress the color code and how they can be matched by contrasting them with the other characters in the film. There has been a standard, specific Faucest taboo color code in use for decades that I have never found an official legend for but even saw it used in the James Franco movie "The Vault." I have never been able to find any discussion boards anywhere on this but once you start to look for the pattern it will emerge. You will also then notice that many of the seemingly silly plotted porn movies you liked in the 90s had a lot more story than you thought. If an item is countable that is usually helpful as well. Sometimes things will change in number or color as the camera pans back and forth in the same shot., both fore and background that somehow suddenly move mysteriously on their own. I've seen actresses length and color of hair extensions switched out in a change to a different camera angle. Very try to figure out what the male actors are actually mutterings (it can be difficult I know). Lastly, why do many actors during sex scenes give meaningful glances to someone that don't seem to be there? Sorry that was a lot of words but I have never had any of the above mentioned in a reviewer blog and am curious if anyone else has picked up on the above. Final thoughts, I would like to compliment the quality of actors/ athletes/ gymnasts/ sex experts that are in studio porn today. I believe that finding these hidden stories lines in taboo features brings that to light. Just the props, set, production values have really taken off in the porn industry in the last few years. For me, these things contribute to great storylines which is key for me in getting off. Lousy production values, poor writing, and the same tired formula style movement from one acrobatic sex scene to the next does not for a good porn make. But one that is a bit more pervy than the usual storyline permits gives me a more explosive orgasm, is intellectually satisfying, and doesn't make me feel quite as guilty for having a few darker fantasies that reside only in my mind (and not ever do in the real world)) be written, produced, and acted out by talented people! Thank you for that!
2018-06-11 22:32
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