Hi Everyone,

The inspiration for PrettyDirty comes from my own twisted imagination, late night brainstorms with my creative partner, Stills by Alan, and conversations with fellow perverts and porn fans like YOU. This new boy/girl project is not afraid of a little scandal. I want to be your portal to a new breed of highly addictive taboo stories told with the same high quality visuals, interconnected characters and twisted sense of humor that put on the map.

The feedback and popularity of our other products gave me the proof and inspiration to expand into the hardcore niche, including anal sex, threesomes, double penetrations and more.

PrettyDirty will show you top male and female performers interacting as call girls, con artists, cheating wives, swinging couples, naughty daughters, mob bosses, and everyone in between. I wanted to create a world where, instead of reading it in the tabloids, you’ll be seeing it on!

Expect to see two types of storylines. I wanted to make feature films that share a common storyline similar to Girlsway's The Turning and Project Pandora. I also want to give you standalone scenes that emphasize the value of our high quality cinematography and experimentation within different niches and vignette series.

From one porn fan to another, I hope this new network can live up to your expectations and keep you hooked and horny. Why? Because sex has never been so scandalous!

Bree Mills, Creative Director
Creative Director

About PrettyDirty