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Date added: 05/18/2016 Rating:
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Description : Derrick Pierce and his sidekick recap their master plan to fuck Aaliyah Love for her husband's 'unpaid debt,' so he'll hopefully cough up the money he owes them for their dramatic errand. They plant a box at her front door giving the illusion there is a delivered package. As soon as Aaliyah opens the front door they grab her and tie her up on her the couch askinging to know where her husband is. Aaliyah screams as she pleads unknowingly with the masked hunks to let her go as they are making a big mistake!

Aaliyah's husband screams at Derrick to let her go and pleads with his buddies that this is all a mistake, just as planned. Derrick demands that he pay up but he doesn't have the money. Derrick has had enough of his excuses and feigns the lie that he's a dead man but Aaliyah begs Derrick not to hurt her poor husband and that she will do anything they ask just as long as they don't kill him. She strokes Derrick's cock through the outside of his pants, insisting that when she says anything, it means anything! He agrees to her compromise and brings them upstairs to the bedroom where Aaliyah can keep up her end of the bargain.

Derrick throws Aaliyah on the bed while her cuckold husband watches the whole thing close by as Derrick rips off her dress and starts biting her perky nipples. He orders Aaliyah to her knees and presses his hard his cock inside her warm mouth. She deep throats his cock so deep that she is unable to breathe, gagging for air. Her husband's fake screams are heard from behind demanding they stop but Aaliyah tells him to shut up as she cries with Derrick's huge cock in her mouth. Derrick gives her mouth a break and spreads her legs apart placing her in doggy style and thrusts his dick inside her surprisingly wet pussy. Billy begs Aaliyah to stop fucking Derrick but Aaliyah's never been fucked this hard in her life and unexpectedly enjoys herself, pushing back on Derrick's huge cock!

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Comments: 0 Date added: 05/18/2016
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Wicker Man
Welcome to Girlsway, Aaliyah! So good to see you here.
2016-09-13 16:19
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TBirdGrammy27 Linda
Please have Aaliyah Love back very soon. She was so good in Make Me A Cuckold with Derrick Pierce. I'd not seen her before but want to see her again. Please Bree. Thank-you. Hugs, Linda
2017-06-10 17:28
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